Shutters Made Into Headboard (DIY Project Download)

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Recycle them into this beautiful and rustic headboard with just a few minutes of work. You can easily have this new headboard built by bedtime and if you have old shutters anyway, this one won’t cost you a single dime. This headboard isn’t actually made from lattice but it does look like it. Drill a hole through the shutter and into the wall to mark where the wall anchor should go. I was asked over and over again how I made my headboard in my room. 23’s are used to form the frame for the shutters to be screwed into.

shutters made into headboard 2Screw the headboard into studs in your wall, or hang with wood cleats. In this cottage bedroom, pairs of shutters topped with decorative moldings do the trick. Inexpensive picture frames can be found at garage sales or thrift shops and made into a magnificent headboard. This DIY vintage shutter headboard is so amazing. And I had to include the pic with the pup I LOVE THIS!!!. Shutter Bench with an old headboard as back rest by Karen. Options are to glue gun the shells on top or mortar the shells into a surface thinset.

I just found an old door, I plan on turning into a headboard for my daughters room. Yes, I love how you turned these shutters into a headboard; very nice! How to Make a Headboard From Upcycled Shutters. Clamp into place.

Whitney’s Shanty Shutters Turned Headboard!

shutters made into headboard 3Shop outside the big box, with unique items for shutter headboard from thousands of independent designers and vintage collectors on Etsy. Turn your passion into a business. Depending on how stable the shutters are, they could be bolted to the wall (an easy fix for wobbly shutters) or (if they’re more stable) to the bed. For tips on making a DIY headboard from salvaged materials, we’ve included some helpful links below. Martha Stewart says you can put knives into the baskets but put them sharp end down. Insanely Creative Things People Have Made from IKEA Bed Slats. Make a unique headboard with old shutters painted a fun color. If you have shutters in several sizes you can create an arch shape, although straight across will do too. Turn shutters with open slats into a succulent planter. Fill the slats with rocks and allow the little green guys to peek out. Make the bold statement you’re looking for using those old shutters you pulled off the house or that extra roofing material. Take a look at all of these ingenious headboards made from upcycled materials! Why not make them into a statement headboard like this one from Design Everyday? Check out these clever ways to repurpose old shutters. From headboards to planters, it’s time to find a crafty new use for your old shutters. Practically anything can be upcycled into a headboard, including old shutters. 17 Amazing Details That Made This Harry Potter Wedding Especially Magical. For the shelf part of the nightstand, an old fireplace mantel was cut into pieces.

Whitney’s Shanty Shutters Turned Headboard!

In fact, any old shutter could easily be transformed into a work of art just by hanging it up on a wall in your home. Whether you’re looking to fill a blank space, set up a new headboard for your bed, put something above your fireplace mantel, or even just spice up your office workspace a bit shutters can certainly do the trick! Check out some of the ideas below to see just how versatile they really can be. They could be attached on the wall or with real hinges for the authentic look or as a custom order made into a headboard.( They can even be ordered as a door for a pantry or for a cabinet) The shutter is painted in the cotttage collection color melon ( as shown on the store) but they would be great in any of the JANE COSLICK COLORS. Here is a shutter headboard made the shutters that are sold on my online store. What a glorious way to wake up. I made them into a headboard for 99 steps to the beach. Turn Old Shutters Into A Headboard. After that I made DIY chalk paint (I’ll post more on this next week if you’d like to learn more) and put on two coats in a classic old white shade.

A friend gave me their old California Shutters and I turned them into Twin Headboards.