Shy Guy Toy Box Color Order (DIY Project Download)

The Mystery Note is a note written in Shy Guy language, found in Shy Guy’s Toy Box during the events of Paper Mario. It is basically a clue to the order in which Green Station’s four colored boxes must be hit to restore the track leading to Red Station. Or when you deal with the Shy Guys holding the code, note the order of them: yellow, then green, then red, then blue.; ) That right there gives you your answer. Yessss! Defeat the pink Shy Guys and use the star boxes as catapults by performing a Spin Jump Watch out for the flying Shy Guys. Depending on which order you hit them with your hammer, something will happen. The correct combination is Yellow, Green, Red, Blue (the hint for this color combination is on the wall).

shy guy toy box color order 2This item is found after defeating a Yellow Shy Guy in one of the sub-rooms of the Green Station in the Toy Box. This note is written in the language of the Shy Guys. Once the boxes are hit in the correct order, train tracks fall from the wall, opening up the way to the Red Station. Hit the boxes in almost any other order, and four Shy Guys will pop out. Go southeast and return to reset the blocks. Go southeast and you’ll see Kammy Koopa place Peach’s last choice to guard a chest. This part of the Toy Box is filled with moving conveyor belts and wire fences. First off, you need the note that is written in the Shy Guy language. Second, you need to give Russ T. Both of these can be found in the Toy Box, but I’m afraid I don’t remember specific details.

Walk along the path to the left of Blue Station, and you’ll happen upon the Anti Guy. Shy Guy’s Toy box is split into four stations, each of which can be accessed by the train. In order to defeat the Big Lantern Ghost, use Bow’s slap attack on the lantern to light the room enough to see, and then use any high-powered attack on the Ghost itself. In order to find out the order of the colored boxes in the Shy Guy Toy Box in Paper Mario, you need to find the note written in the Shy Guy language, and then give Russ T. his dictionary back. Both items can be found in the Toy Box area.

Mystery Note

The colored toads will run off if you talk to them. Information in this section was contributed by Missentgo. To get past the dark colored toads go to Merlin, and instead of talking to him across his table, go next to him. He says What? The colored toads won’t let you by?! I’ll have a talk with them. Have a Lemon Candy when you talk to the Anti-Guy in the Shy Guy’s toybox. He loves Lemon Candy and will trade the treasure he is guarding for the candy. In order to do this trick, you must be in Bowser’s Castle where you do the quiz, but you cannot have already done it previously. He is purple in color and wears a top hat. When you are in Shy Guys Toy box, goto the red station. Get a lemon and give it to Seek, or whatever, he’ll tell you to go to the market in Dry, Dry, Outpost and buy a dried scroon, then the dusty hammer in that order. Updated the Walkthrough, bad guys section, copy information, started the Codes,Secrets and Cheats, List Of Recipies and Frequently asked questions sections. A:Hit the three trees in reverse order of what Tolielip tells you – in other words, instead of left, right, middle, you should hit middle, right, left. 25)What color is the roof of the house in Koopa Villiage where you can listen to the radio? Got from trading with Merlow Happy Flower (2) Got from trading with Merlow Deep Focus (3) Peach’s Castle Shy Guys Toy Box HP Plus (3) Behind Kooper’s house Bought from Rowf Forever Forest FP Plus (3) Before Koopa Bros. Paper Mario revealed that Shy Guys come from a magic toybox hidden deep in the Mushroom Kingdom’s most secret of places. Yoshi’s Story added white, black, and blue to the mix in order to have Shy Guys matched up via color to the various Yoshis. Type: Party Masks; Mask Material: Resin; Color: Black; Color: White; Brand Name: Guy Fawkes mask; Age Group: Adults Party Supplies Offline. You can return anytime and choose either of the other answers in order to trigger the battle, but be warned as you’ll get less experience points for being a higher level. Boss In Mooks Clothing: Anti-Guy, an optional encounter in Shy Guy’s Toybox; he’s five times as strong as a normal Shy Guy and has over seven times the health. The Magikoopas most notably come in 6 colors: red (can raise their comrades’ attack), yellow (can electrify their comrades), green (can raise comrades’ defense), gray (can make their comrades’ invisible), white (can replenish their comrades’ health), and blue (can perform any of the aforementioned assists).

Paper Mario Walkthrough

The Internet’s Original and Largest free woodworking plans and projects paper mario toy box dark room Video Links. Mario makes his way through Shy Guys Toy Box and ends up in a completely dark room where the Big Lantern Ghost awaits him for a fight. Mario continues his quest in the toy box and collects more lost items Returning them seems to always give Mario something he needs in order to continue. The first sprite that eventually became what you see here, was a splice of the Fat Guy parts ripped from the game Yoshi’s Island by RaccoonSam of the website Mario Fan Games Galaxy. As you can obviously tell, this is the leader of the Shy Guys in the toy box, General Guy. Chapter 4: To get to Shy Guy’s Toybox, go to the empty house in Toad Town. Turn transparent with the help of Bow, and a Shy Guy will enter the house. To get the Red flower, the Blue flower, and the Yellow flower to move, you must give them berries that match their color. Use your hammer on some trees to find them. I can’t remember the exact order, but there is the clue. Use Lakilester to go back and forth on the spikes. The Colored Toads will run off if you talk to them. Hint: Answers to the Bowser questions: The answers are as follows: 3, Red, Red, 24. Have a Lemon Candy when you talk to the Anti-Guy in the Shy Guy’s toybox. He loves Lemon Candy and will trade the treasure he is guarding for the candy. Hit them in this order to get a free Happy Flower Badge: middle, right, left. Hint: Koopa Brother’s Fortress: FP Plus Badge: Bomb a wall that is to the left of Koopa Brother’s Fortress, then go inside the tube.

What colors are Mario’s mailbox? Mario can use said item inside or outside of battle in order to refill 10HP. Found near the Blue Station in Shy Guy’s Toy Box, we can attack some of the Shy Guys running around a large room to claim the Cake Mix as a reward. Shy Guy! Here from Super Mario Bros. 2 just to wave hello to you! This is the first in the Nintendo Classics series of models. You know your desk or dashboard won’t be complete until you liven it up with this little guy! Buy Official Nintendo Mario Plush Series Stuffed Toy – 6 Shy Guy from our Soft Toys range at Tesco direct. We stock a great range of products at everyday prices. Clubcard points on every order. Turn your morning showers into a fun psychedelic experience with the color changing shower head. Requiring no batteries or power, this unique shower head uses water pressure powered LED lights to transform the water into a cornucopia of color. No bachelor pad would be complete without an over the top item like an aquarium coffee table.