Side Opening Ottoman Bed (DIY Project Download)

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Side opening ottoman base manufactured at Bed Factory Direct. You choose your colour, fabric and size, to make your perfect ottoman base. You can find both single and double side-lift ottoman beds that are suitable for master bedrooms, kids bedrooms or guest rooms. Ottoman beds are made up of a solid sided bed frame, mattress and headboard. The ottoman base uses gas lift struts on either side of the bed which counter balance the weight of the mattress and gives the user a simple way of opening the bed with a finger lift very similar to opening a car boot.

side opening ottoman bed 2The Wilson is a stunning fabric bed frame that will add class to your room. In the case of a side opening ottoman bed, one side of the bed frame is higher than the other allowing the mattress to stay in place. Side Lift Ottoman Storage Bed – Single, Small Double, Double, Kingsize Gas Lift.

The Side opening Ottoman base is suitable for all mattress options, a firm top and available in a in a variety of fabric choices and we build for you as a 1 piece base for small single & Single and all other sizes are in two sections. Healthopaedic Ottoman Storage Bed by Highgate Beds in Ottoman Beds – Storage Beds – Beds. We are really pleased with this side way ottoman as we feel it brings a new level of quality and value to the market. Showroom Opening Times. Buy Healthopaedic Side Opening Ottoman Divan Base online from, We stock a large selection of Healthopaedic products at great prices.

Wilson Ottoman Bed Frame

Buy Highgrove Luxury Side Opening Ottoman Base online from, We stock a large selection of Highgrove products at great prices. Visit today to view our Seattle Side Opening Storage Ottoman Bed with Mattress. We have a wide range of Furniture available now! Ottoman beds are becoming popular because they give you access to a huge storage space under the bed, which is entirely hidden away. This model opens at the side – an end opening model is also available. As a side opening ottoman bed, perhaps its best feature is that the base lifts up using an easy gas assisted system, to reveal ample storage space that you wouldn’t even know is there. This will also pertain to the size of bed you can use as well. If you are going to want a side opening ottoman that runs the length of a wall, make absolutely certain you have wall space to accommodate that length. Fabric Upholstered Ottoman Divan Bed Base Side Opening Ottoman Divan Base Side Opening – Lift point at side of bed Base Only Choice of.

Ottoman Divan Base Side Opening

With the option of side-opening or end-opening, the ottomans offer a whole divan as storage space. Double Side Opening Ottoman Bed Frame on Gumtree. Two month old bed brought from new. Quality is fantastic with no wear marks. Great storage with side. The other option is the side opening ottoman bed which is a particularly appropriate bed design when the only spot you have to place your bed is against a wall.