Sideboard Cards Against Tron (DIY Project Download)

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I think Tron is extremely well positioned right now with the format turning into a grind fest. I want to know what some of the hardest sideboard cards are to beat. UW Tron is a heck of a deck and easily could have won the GP. This here is a list of the most effective modern sideboard staples. Hide/Seek is for Mardu decks bruh, and we all know mardu decks don’t see play, but it is still considered a good sideboard card for them, particularly against tron decks in combination with Fulminator Mage.

sideboard cards against tron 2A breakdown of Magic: the Gathering hate cards in Modern. Typically these will be in your sideboard, but depending on the meta, your deck, and what the card does, sometimes you can be extra hateful and make it work mainboard. Hates on Affinity but a little less harder than Kataki, while proving much more effective against Tron. This card is in nearly every BG Rock and Jund sideboard. It functions as specific hate against Urza Tron and Scapeshift, but is used broadly against any mana-hungry deck. I can barely win about one match out of ten against the deck. Quarter and that would force the Tron to bring in anti-hate from the sideboard.

While easier to sideboard against, they will be far more deadly if you underprepare for them or otherwise underestimate them. This is where your dedicated anti-Burn sideboard cards will come in. Polish’s Top 10: Modern Sideboard Cards So GP Richmond will be bound to be the BIGGEST MTG event since Vegas. The primary use is against Splinter Twin, but it’s hate does splash against a few other decks as well. This card affects the obvious Affinity player, but it also stops Pod, Tron, Spellskites, and just about any annoying equipment. UW Gifts Tron: UW Control cards that they have access to through Gifts Ungiven. RG Tron Your control cards are sub-par against RG.

Hate Cards In Modern

sideboard cards against tron 3In Modern, your deck may have an easy matchup against Tron so instead of wasting any slots on land destruction, focus your attention on winning against other bad matchups. The sideboard is not the place for cards that you wanted to squeeze into the main deck but didn’t have space. Today we are going to build a sideboard from scratch in as scientific a way as possible. Warping Wail is a very flexible card and is useful against Infect, Tron, Living End and Scapeshift (22. This is a strong sideboard card against Tron, as long as it can be cast early. Tron has a pretty good matchup against all but one of them, that being Splinter Twin. Sideboard games can be a little bit more difficult, but I would consider you, if not favored, at least even in this matchup. A good Tron list certainly still plays the card because BGx decks will not disappear and Meliria Pod is a great deck to Pyroclasm away, but the card simply is not as good as it was pre-bannings. I like Ad Nauseam because it’s great against Scapeshift, Tron, and Burn and while it does struggle against GBx decks, the match-up isn’t unwinnable post board. The 20 cards above will put the whole Tron set together for you, they are the core part of deck. It’s also a joke to pay 8 mana for Lightning Bolt against decks like Affinity. There are plenty of options to run in your sideboard according to your local metagame.

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Stony Silence comes to mind as a card that’s good against Tron and Affinity. Jund, on the other hand, has less impactful sideboard cards against the big three decks I’m referring to as the ones to beat. In the last article I discussed the different M15 cards that could make their way into eventual control decks, but at the moment Esper doesn’t have any room for cards from the low-strength core set. The sideboard plan against Tron has to include some ways to interact with their manabase besides getting lucky with an opening hand Stony Silence! That’s where Surgical Extraction comes into play. I only like GQ against Tron if you’re backing it up with Surgical Extraction, but I hate playing Surgical Extraction in any format. This is why Submerge is a really good sideboard card in Legacy. Another strength, people had no idea how to sideboard against the deck. The matchup is close, but the Cliques are good and we have a reasonable amount of sideboard cards. RG Tron: No changes.

Bloom decks require specific cards in order to be hated out, and because of that they have a very high win-rate in Game 1. The Trends of Modern: The Rise of Grixis and Tron. With Atarka’s Command, Skullcrack, Destructive Revelry and Smash to Smithereens in their sideboards, the matchup may not be good even if you do draw your sideboard cards against Burn. If you feel that a sideboard card needs to be included, please say so in the comments. Life from the Loam: Any protection against LD is probably too tricky. Blade Splicer is a card I haven’t seen in this type of deck for some time. Detention Sphere catches a lot of other problem permanents and is a very versatile card to have in the sideboard, if not the most out and out powerful. Crumble to Dust is a great card against Tron as hitting it will stop their crazy mana. To have a solid game plan against Tron and Bloom, I would recommend playing at least three copies of Fulminator in your 75. These are a few cards that are powerful in the sideboard, but we cannot or do not want to tutor up with Chord. Occasionally you will Chord for this card against aggressive decks like Burn, but I opted to list him under sideboard cards as opposed to Silver Bullets because he really shines when he is in your hand and your opponent makes you discard with something like a Kohlagan’s Command or papertcg playeronlinecardhoarderLiliana of the Veil. In Modern, Tron is known for it’s very good, and very bad match-ups. The least threatening sideboard card you can have played against you as Tron is Blood Moon. You’ll also notice that there are 15 card sideboards with each one of these lists. Stony Silence is an amazing sideboard card against Tron and Affinity, but you need to be careful playing it in combination with your own artifacts. I think it’s actively bad against Tron (most of their cheap-enough spells come down too fast), Affinity (dump they’re hand too fast AND try to kill you fast), and the pseudo-mirror (ditto). It’s also not a crazy card to have in the sideboard.