Silverado Door Chime Not Working (DIY Project Download)

I am scratching my head on this one. I have no warning chimes and my drivers door speaker is intermittent. When the speaker is not working the door chimes are. My warning chime doesnt work at all. It’s not just the door, low fuel and other warnings/notifications will not be heard, just seen in the DIC. Question – GMC Sierra 1500: door chime really low front speakers dont – FM. Never thought i’d have this much trouble with a new truck.there is alot of people with this problem if it didn’t cost so much to ask a question you prob would of heard of it.

silverado door chime not working 2Question – 2007 chevy silverado no sound or door chime comming from speakers – 6S. Have you confirmed the left front speaker is not working and is the only one not working?. Hi i got a 03 gmc 1500 it has a aftermarket kenwood in it and i did not install it but the other day i decided to put a aux cord to it and had to pull it. But the alarm for headlights on door open is not working. If you shut the truck off with the headlights on and open the door it will not chime at you.

Don’t know that I have the answer for you. Yet, but thought I’d share this part of my story about radios & Silverados. I have a 2004 also and. I have an 07′ Sierra and I’m having some issues with my front and rear driver side door speakers. Also, the chimes and all run on the driver side speakers and you can hear them through the tweeters still, but the chime sounds a lil crackly. 2012 Silverado 1500 ECSB 2wd Z71 – Black 5.3L – SOLD 2007 Silverado RCSB NNBS–Greystone Metallic 4. Door speakers and door chime do not work. 2 answers.

2007 Chevy Silverado No Sound Or Door Chime Comming From Speakers

silverado door chime not working 3All my chimes and my driver side speakers quit working at same time what could it be? Is there a chime module or could it be something else. In the Chevrolet Silverado trucks, the driver’s side main door speaker (not the tweeter) is the speaker that is used by the radio to create the audible chime sound for any warnings, such as key in ignition, headlights on, seat belt, etc. When I picked up the car at the end of the work day the radio was completely. Also, the key-in-the-ignition-door-ajar or seatbelt-not-buckled chime does not sound. Door chime barely rings at all & the rear and door speakers do not work. Only the front dash speakers work. 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Questions. 1993 Chevy Cavalier -When leaving headlights on or key in ignition, the chime does not work if you open either door. -When opening either door, the dome light does not work. My 07 Chevy Cobalt’s front left speaker appears not to be working. I made another post on my dome light not working when I open my doors but a memeber made a good point about my warning chime, and that doesn’t work.

04 Silverado Radio Problem (Only 1 Speaker Working)

But the key was in the ignition (not on) and the door was open. When I connected the negative battery I heard the chimes start going off and then the radio started playing a Cd that was loaded into it. GM recalls 105,000 vehicles for airbag, chime issues. The issue with the vehicles is the base radio, which could malfunction and not sound out a warning when the driver’s seat door is opened while the keys are still in the ignition. The third recall involves 87 Chevy Spark cars with model year 2013 to 2014 and Buick Encore cars with model year 2013 that were manufactured in South Korea. Chevrolet cars & trucks door chimes not working questions and answers. Ask your Chevrolet door chimes not working related question. 2001 Chevy Malibu has a 3 tone alert beep that I. Door open or trunk open what is it. OK I have read all the threads about the driver side speaker being bad and that’s why door chimes aren’t working, sure enough I took mine apart and. Should I buy new speakers and just run new wiring from the radio head to the speaker or do I have other issues?

Apparently the door chime module on my Alpine audio system is suddenly making my truck go nuts! The stereo comes on and off by itself when I am. I was told that not using one might cause other electonic issues with things like the air bags etc. This might be the most ridiculous part of the truck to fail, but it keeps landing me with a dead battery: The little door chime that rings whenever.