Simple Cap Table Template (DIY Project Download)

Download a simple capitalization table showing current capitalization including options. Sample Cap Table (Simple). Preliminary Request for Documents Template. If you are dead set on using a template, this is one of the best here but. So without further delay, we present our cap table template in the link below. Even if you throw in some Visual Basic programming, you’d still end up with a clunky, half-decent solution.

simple cap table template 2So we kept it simple. Your lawyer or accountant will deal with the details that aren’t included in this cap table. They will maintain the company’s official cap table. If it does the trick as is (and it should for the majority of you), consider yourself lucky for having a simple cap-table. It will only get messier as the business grows. Cap Tables (short for capitalization tables) are spreadsheets that show how much everyone owns of the company. For the past 25 years, I’ve used a simple form, mostly given to me by the partners I worked for when I first entered the venture capital business in the mid-80s, but with a few modifications by me over the years.

table illustrating the ownership of the company. Tables can become long and complicated, yet at the formation stage, cap. tables are relatively simple and require just a few key elements to describe the company’s ownership structure (which can then be transcribed into dense legalese by the company’s lawyers). Here is an example of a typical cap. table for a newly formed startup:. About These Models These Cap Tables enable you to model multiple financing rounds for multiple investors or investor groups. Here are some simple tips to help you use this model:. This is a guide to how to use my template cap table and returns analysis excel spreadsheet. Here you issue convertible notes which convert at Seed Put in the numbers you negotiate, simple This is something you agree on approximately, and let’s you know how much is owed till you raise again This changes automatically when you start putting in numbers into the Seed round tab It will say 215 if the Seed table is blank.

How To Make A Cap Table

Venture capital (VC) returns analysis and capitalization (cap) tables template for Excel. A capitalization table (or cap table) is a table providing an analysis of the founders’ and investors’ percentage of ownership, equity dilution, and value of equity in each round of investment. In the earliest stages of their development, private companies may track their shareholders in a simple document or spreadsheet. Cap tables are widely used by entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and investment bankers to model and to analyze events such as ownership dilution, issuing employee stock options, or issuing new securities. Here’s an example of a very simple cap table, constructed from a popular blog post by Fred Wilson on the subject:. A Fully Diluted cap table will show the percentage ownership of a company assuming all convertible instruments convert into equity. Startup Tools: equity and investment (cap table) model. I did, however, toss in an extra tool: the second tab in the spreadsheet has a simple exercise I created long ago for a training session I did on VC structures. Freemium Business Model Template. At XSeed, we use a relatively simple Excel template that lays out the type and ownership of the various securities that are issued by the firm. The capitalization table or cap table is key to a startup and should be understood and managed accordingly. Com hopefully this will serve you as a template to follow or at least a base to start.

Anatomy Of A Startup Cap. Table

A common template for capitalization tables is to list shareholders in a column on the left side of the table and describe each investment round (such as Series A, Series B etc. While the capitalization table may seem like a basic document, it is an essential component in the growth and evolution of a successful company. I thought it might be useful to post up a model cap table (Cap Table Model with Waterfall). Looking for a spreadsheet template for a Cap Table? As promised in a previous blog I have enclosed and example of a cap chart that could be used in planning out the equity and dilution of ownership over the life of a company. In summary this cap table shows the following key events:. Simple template. Powered by Blogger.