Simple Chuck Box Plans (DIY Project Download)

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I found many good designs on the net and borrowed features from some and added many of my own. You may not like this design so feel free to change anything you like. I could not find any plans for this box, so you’d meed to reverse engineer if you’d like to build one. We all have a camp box anyways, why not organize it and keep life simple.

simple chuck box plans 2What to look for and why in a camping chuck box for your camp kitchen. As a matter of example, take a quick moment and look at your home kitchen. Remember also, your camping equipment should be at the center of your survival plan. These innovative outdoor portable camp kitchen and chuck box devices store your camping cooking checklist and quickly setup to provide an outdoor kitchen for tent camping, tailgating and scouting. Here’s what a good chuck box does for you:. Chuck Box Plans Books. (food burns quick ). The Geezer Cookbook, Box Oven and Foil Cooking techniques and recipes, cooking resources for beginner and experienced backpackers, and links to other resources.

Making a Cooler Cooler (Not really woodworking, but didn’t know where else to put it). Here’s some ideas for a DIY camp kitchen chuck box. These boxes go in the trailer and are a quick and easy way to transport and use at the campsite. Great, simply designed chuck box, free downloadable plans are below. Just like cars, camping kitchens can run the gamut from simple, yet functional to the envy of the entire campground’.

Camp Kitchen And Chuck Box 101

simple chuck box plans 3Using my Google-Foo skills I found a few pictures of camping chuck boxes and then broke out my measuring tape, a pencil, and some paper. I stumbled on this site while looking for plans for a chuck box. Chuck boxes are those neat things which keeps all your kitchen needs organized while you are camping. If it’s a simple box you plan to build, then you can simply go to a local lumberjack and find for yourself all the wood that you need to build a simple box for all your portable kitchen gears. If you google ‘ boy scout camp kitchen box plans ‘ you will get all kinds of ideas on building one of these monsters. Camper’s Kitchen or Chuck Box, whatever you chose to call them, are about as handy as handy gets. All while being simple, clean, organized. Just as the kitchen is the hub of the home, the campfire and the chuck box are the hearth of your campsite. Includes lots of pictures of the chuck box and why we built one. I couldn t find anything that fit our needs, so we basically drew up our own plans. I got the plans from Chad for the chuckbox and I had talked to a local crate builder who supplies Boeing with customized crates for shipping parts, and a salesman there saw the plans and said they could build it for me.

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I’m thinking I’d like to build a Chuck Box (Range Box or Patrol Box to the scouts that is) this winter. They have several plans, kits and ready made. Build your own, simple when your building a tear and might give you some different ideas for the galley to boot. Now, the smallest scout can carry the whole chuck box with ease, and if they go backpacking pretty much all they have to do is dump the stuff out and divvy it up – it’s essentially the same gear they use all the time. The biggest hurdle for making this transition has been stoves. The chuck box or cook box, is as simple or as elaborate as you care to make it.