Siting A Nestbox (DIY Project Download)

Siting a nestbox. 23 August 2006. Juvenile robin on birdtable. You could see young robins in your garden if you provided somewhere to nest. Image: Andy Bright. Not sure where to put your nest box? BBC Radio Derby’s ornithology enthusiast, David Tideswell, shares his tips on how to pick the right location and how to look after it. Bird nest boxes need regular annual maintenance. You can buy new nest boxes here or follow our simple instructions to keep your nest box clean.

siting a nestbox 2How to place your nest box. Whichever method you choose to install your boxes, be sure that they are secure enough to withstand high winds and severe weather. Siting the Nestbox. Both types of nestboxes are best attached to a wall rather than a tree. Predators are more likely to be able to climb or land in trees. On a wall, the only predator that is still a threat is the magpie. Advice on siting a nest box. Where to place your box to attract different species of birds and to protect them from the weather and predators.

Hi all Due to the presence of a cat I felt it necessary to re-site a Robin nesting box from a previous position about three feet off the ground but. Provide birds with a new comfortable nest site using this FSC precision-cut and easy-to-install Robin Nest Box. Buy online today. Siting a Bird Nest Box and choosing where you place it is just as imortant as buying the right type of nest box. We explain how, why and where your nest box should be.


National Nest Box Week is approaching quickly and now is the ideal time for putting a nest box up. In this article we will cover the main things to consider when wanting to create a new home for your local garden birds by asking three simple questions. There is no standard, accurate design for a nestbox. Siting of nestboxes. A nest box, also spelled nestbox, is a man-made enclosure provided for animals to nest in. Hints and Tips for attracting garden birds to your garden, including what bird foods to provide, siting a nest box, protecting bird food from predators and hygiene. Tawny Owl facts: UK population & distribution. Nesting sites. Habitat creation. How to build a Tawny Owl nestbox: Construction & siting, Free plans to print. Siting a Small Hole Nest Box. This is the most popular type of nest box as there are many variations available to attract different species of bird. There are two main factors to consider for a small holed nest box; the size of entrance hole and the height it needs to be placed.

Siting A Robin Nesting Box

Need help siting your nest box? Wiggly Wigglers can help, and with a great service too! Coolso jealous that u got a brilliant camera(even I fancy taking photos I am still hesitate to buy one which will cost a leg and hand for me). Siting A Nestbox. The position of the nestbox should depend on which species the box is intended for.They can be sited on walls, in trees or under the eaves dependant on the different species. On this page, providing nest sites, making a nest box, food, siting your nest box, success and failure, nest box predators.

Bird Box Camera. Caught on camera: Blue Tits tending eggs in a bird box. See the siting bird boxes post for more information about nest boxes for different birds.