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Standard Quilt Sizes Chart: Online reference for mattress/bedding sizes. While quilt designers don’t adhere to standard quilt sizes when designing bed quilt patterns (there’s help for that further down on this page), bedding manufacturers tend to be a bit more consistent and do follow some general guidelines. Twin/Single, 39 x 75, 65 x 88, 71 x 101, 81 x 107. Australians use the term doona cover rather than duvet cover. These are often placed behind the standard size pillow shams as a backdrop, or on top of standard pillows as a coordinated set with a duvet cover. I’m constantly trying to work out how big to make quilts so I have done a bit of research and decided to make up a little chart in Aussie terms, this is just my guide, not a rule! I looked at many different sites and used an average of the mattress size plus a drop of 15 and an extra 7. Bed Size. Metric. Imperial. Cot. 71 x 132. 28 x 52. Single. 92 x 188.

size single bed quilt 2Whether you call it a doona or a quilt, you need to know its size so that the cover you order is the most comfortable fit possible. Measure your bed covering, write the measurements down and compare them to the sizes we offer. To make larger sized quilt covers you will need to use sheeting fabric that is 240cm wide and join fabric. The sizes are: King single 160cm x 210cm cut two pieces 165cm x 225cm Double bed 180cm x 210cm cut two pieces 185cm x 225cm Queen bed (Aust) 210cm x 210cm cut two pieces 215cm x 225cm King size (Aust) 245cm 210cm cut two pieces 150cm x 225cm. However, having decided that you want to make for example a single bed quilt, you then have to decide whether you just want to cover the bed, or have an overhang on each side.

Our fitted sheets are manufactured to fit all standard beds, elasticated around each end, with generous box depth of 14 – 35. There is no right or wrong size when selecting the size for your quilt, just personal choice. One quilt that I made for a single bed (with a drop on three sides), I gave to a friend and she uses it on her queen bed. The size of a quilt depends on where you are making it for. If you want a quilt to overhang the bottom of the bed but only go to the pillow then measure from the bottom of the pillow to the bottom of the bed and add 10 to give an overhang.

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size single bed quilt 3Emperor duvet, 290x235cm (114 inches x 92 inches approx) Bed Sizes can vary. Does anyone know which quilt size is more suitable for a king single bed – a single or double (because they don’t make king single in the design I want)? The bed is for a young child, if that makes a difference. King bed sizes are already extra long at a standard of 240 centimetres. Typically, the king single is extra long and extra wide but a quilt cover for a standard double bed should fit the king single bed as well. Waterbed Super Single, 48 x 84, N/A, 68 x 86 to 66 x 92, 66 x 90. POP UPS – hiddenSize Guide Home. CLOSE X. Bed linen size guide. Duvet covers. Length, Width. Size, cm, inches, cm, inches. Single, 200, 79, 135, 53. The chart below shows standard mattress, bedding and quilt sizes for the US.

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