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Skeleton in the closet definition, Anatomy, Zoology. the bones of a human or an animal considered as a whole, together forming the framework of the body. British Dictionary definitions for skeleton in the closet Expand. Skeleton in the closet or skeleton in the cupboard is a colloquial phrase and idiom used to describe an undisclosed fact about someone which, if revealed, would have a negative impact on perceptions of the person; such as having a corpse concealed in your home long enough for it to decompose into bones. Definition of skeleton in the closet in the Idioms Dictionary. skeleton in the closet phrase. What does skeleton in the closet expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

skeleton in the closet meaning and origin 2Q From Martin Sturmer: I can understand why a skeleton in the closet should mean an embarrassing fact that’s best kept secret, but how did it come into existence?. To say that someone has skeletons in their closet means that they have done something in the past that they don’t want other people knowing about. (meaning: Everyone has done things that they are ashamed of.). This expression for revealing one’s homosexuality seems natural. ‘covert’ thought of their homosexuality as a sort of ‘skeleton in the closet.

Synonyms for skeleton in the closet at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day. Word Origin & History. Learn the true meaning of such phrases as it’s raining cats and dogs here. Most of us know very little (or nothing at all!) about the linguistic and cultural origins of the idioms that we use on a daily basis everything from have an ax to grind to let the cat out of the bag. October 21st, 2013 Tags: skeleton in closet meaning, skeleton in closet origin, skeleton in the closet Category: Uncategorized Comments Off.

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skeleton in the closet meaning and origin 3The phrase in the closet has something to tell us about the experience of denying one’s sexual orientation. Oxford Dictionary of Word Origins. Definition of closetnoun in Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. A skeleton in the cupboard(British English)(also a skeleton in the closet North American English, British English). 7 Words That Have a Totally Different Meaning in Gay-Land. If someone has a skeleton in the cupboard (or closet in US English), it means that they have a dark or embarrassing secret about their past that they would prefer to remain undisclosed. The expression has in origins in the medical profession. Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences, English to English reference content. (North American skeleton in the closet) A discreditable or embarrassing fact that someone wishes to keep secret. What is the origin of the term ‘scot-free’?

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