Sleeping With Baby In Bed (DIY Project Download)

sleeping with baby in bed 1

But history, and how most babies sleep in other cultures, suggests that the West is out of step with what is best physically and emotionally for our children. Some mothers keep their babies in bed with them all the time. Also, co-sleeping is not putting baby in a bed with an adult other than mama, who is biologically hardwired for sharing sleep with an infant (research indicates that some dads change their sleep patterns over the course of a few months to become more aware as well). Bed sharing leads to more breastfeeding and may protect against SIDS. Bed-sharing babies experience warmer temperatures than cot-sleeping infants, but are able to maintain normal temperature.

sleeping with baby in bed 2When my oldest son was a newborn, he slept in a pack-n-play right next to my bed. That arrangement lasted a grand total of 3 nights. Turns out becoming a mom had given me the hearing of a bat; every little hiccup or sigh or grunt from my son caused me to wake instantly. Many of these deaths occur when babies who are used to sleeping on their backs at home are then placed to sleep on their tummies by another caregiver. Place the baby’s crib or bassinet near your bed (within arm’s reach).

How Room-sharing Affects Baby’s Sleep