Slider Drawer Android Example (DIY Project Download)

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In our example we are going to show you how the SlidingDrawer widget can be used in an Android application. Generally the sliding can be done vertically or horizontally, so we should specify it through orientation attribute. Sliding Panels A categorized directory of free libraries and tools for Android. Quick example for the new Toolbar (and Menudrawer) API. Nov 4, 2014. We can make sliding drawer in Android 3.0 and above easily with rotation. Superb example.its is very helpful to me.thanks alot. ReplyDelete.

slider drawer android example 2The sample project sets up a Sliding Drawer at the bottom of the screen. You can change it to appear at place of the screen. This page provides Java code examples for android.widget.SlidingDrawer. Android Sliding Menu Example- how to make android sliding menu with WebView. Android navigation drawer view tutorial with webview.

Consider the navigation drawers as seen in Google Maps and Screen Recorder App as an example.


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Android Navigation Drawer For Sliding Menu