Sliding Barn Door Bathroom Diy (DIY Project Download)

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John and I looked for sliding barn door hardware online, and the cheapest price we could find was about four hundred dollars – and that’s just for the hardware! You guys already know what happened next: John thoughtfully examined the hardware and announced, I can TOTALLY make that. Jen, just remember that cooking is just DIY with food. I think I’m going to put a slidey door for my half bath. Barn door track DIY tutorial: How to create your own door track hardware. This sliding door track can be made for under 100 including wooden wheels & track. I love the door Idea I think I am going to do the same thing in my bathroom! Once I have both doorways finished, I’ll be able to close both doorways off at night, which will give us much-needed privacy at night all the way from the bedroom, hallway bathroom, through the music room, and to the kitchen.

sliding barn door bathroom diy 2How to build your own DIY Barn Door Hardware on a budget. I love that we have an attached bathroom in our bedroom, but it’s a pretty small area to walk into and having the door swing into the already tiny space was frustrating from. I continued to be annoyed with the door situation until I saw the sliding barn door that we had installed at the studio to fix a similar problem. Sliding Barn Door: Install It. April 25, 2012 by The Accent Piece 135 Comments. We were a wee bit nervous sliding it for the first time. How is it trying to close it from the bathroom?

We considered the whole DIY approach to sliding door hardware, but I was adamant that the mechanism be completely quiet. 6 Ft Modern Stainless Steel Interior Sliding Barn Wooden Door Hardware Track Set. I’m hoping to put a sliding door in a bathroom. Create your own DIY sliding doors with this amazing tutorial that is easy and inexpensive to build! Made with a track of galvanized piping and clothesline spacers!. I’ve been dying to do a barn door in our bedroom going into our bathroom. We tried this in a pass through opening from our master bedroom to bath.

Diy Barn Door Hardware

sliding barn door bathroom diy 3DIY reclaimed wood sliding barn door View in gallery. I noticed that you pinned a sliding barn door photo. We’ll definitely be trying it out here at TLC when we get around to working on our master bathroom door project! If you have one of those 80’s, no door on the bathroom houses, you may just like this alternative to a conventional door. Transform a Vintage Door into a sliding Barn Door, diy-012. Install a Sliding Yellow Door. One day, one change: Newlyweds Scott and Chelsea Iwatta add privacy between bedroom and bathroom with a sliding barn door. Next On BuzzFeed diy How Well Can You Guess The Cost Of These Anthropologie. The sliding barn door really blocks a lot of noise out as well so we love that since between our bathroom and bedroom is a vertical hallway where we designated the babies crib.

Modern Barn Doors: An Easy Solution To Awkward Entries

Last week I showed you how Handy Hubby made the barn door in our master suite. We decided we wanted a barn door to separate our doorless master bathroom, and. I have a barn door for another bathroom where we purchased the hardware and it does not make a sound to open and shut the door.