Sliding Drawer Android Deprecated (DIY Project Download)

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Well, after doing some work-related Android development I went to see to fitting a SlidingDrawer to some basic content but alas things have changed since I first used it for the Letchworth app. SlidingDrawer in action sliding out extra content. Inside an XML layout, SlidingDrawer must define the id of the handle and of the content: pre class prettyprint <SlidingDrawer android:id +id/drawer android:layout_width match_parent android:layout_height match_parent android:handle +id/handle android:content +id/content > <ImageView android:id id/handle android:layout_width 88dip android:layout_height 44dip /> <GridView android:id id/content android:layout_width match_parent android:layout_height match_parent /> </SlidingDrawer> /pre attr ref android. Styleable SlidingDrawer_animateOnClick deprecated This class is not supported anymore. Sliding Drawer: This class was deprecated in API level 17. SlidingDrawer should be used as an overlay inside layouts. This means SlidingDrawer should only be used inside of a FrameLayout or a RelativeLayout for instance.

sliding drawer android deprecated 2Android Sliding Drawer example tutorial for top to bottom or up to down in android. Is hamburger menu aka navigation drawer deprecated We are in design phase of our new android app and for navigation we are considering navigation drawer but after some research I found that some apps are switching from navigation menu to tab based ui e.

Android Sliding Drawer Example Tutorial

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Slidingdrawer Is Dead. Long Live Slidingdrawer!