Sliding Drawer Android Tutorial (DIY Project Download)

Android Sliding Drawer example tutorial.Top to bottom smooth sliding menu design in android like web designing slider menus.setOnDrawerOpenListener(). The tutorial states the methods to change the handler button, animation style and specifying container height to the sliding drawer. In this post we will how to implement the Sliding Drawer widget in our android application. Free Java, Android Tutorials. Left to Right Sliding Drawer Creation in Android; Top to Bottom Sliding Drawer Creation in Android; Right to Left Sliding Drawer Creation in Android; Bottom to Top Sliding Drawer Creation in Android.

sliding drawer android tutorial 2SlidingDrawer represents a widget, where we can use in our Android applications. SlidingDrawer has the ability to hide and/or appear content when the user drags a handle. In our example we are going to show you how the SlidingDrawer widget can be used in an Android application. For this tutorial, we will use the following tools in a Windows 64-bit platform:. Android Studio now includes a project template for an app that includes a navigation drawer:. As you can see we have a sliding drawer which slides from the left side of the app and overlaps the translucent status bar, inside the drawer we have a header view which contains a circular view for the profile picture and two Text Views, below that there is our List view with icons. Hope so that this will solve your queryPS – if you want to learn how to handle the clicks on the sliding drawers list items, I would come up with the tutorial for that soon.

You can see almost every popular applications using navigation drawer menu in their applications. Don’t forget to subscribe for latest android tutorials. Understand the functioning of Sliding Drawer which consist of handle and content with example In Android Studio. Also learn about its methods and attributes in Android. Android Sliding Menu Using Navigation Drawer Example.

Android Slidingdrawer Example

Free Android Application Development Tutorial – 81 – SlidingDrawer Example video lecture. In this tutorial you will about Frame Layout.How to use Frame Layout to design sliding drawer.Frame Layout hold multiple views while overlapping each other. Thanks For Watching This Video.!! Here you got Best Android Tutorials For a Beginner to a Advance Concepts so Keep Subscribe us. Like us and Viewing. Android Development – News, Example, tutorial, Source Code. Then what should we so? android provide Sliding drawer for such a requirement. It does not take main screen space. and it open when ever a user want to open.

Android Navigation Drawer For Sliding Menu