Sliding Drawer Animation Speed (DIY Project Download)

And a link to the SlidingDrawer class. Hope this helps and good luck!. So, i have sliding drawer which i need to animate by clicking start button. As you can see context of sliding drawer contains seek bar and 3 butto. How to control speed or motion of the sliding drawer. Android navigation drawer animation duration. Unfortunetly, looking through the doc, there does not exist a way to set an animation speed.

sliding drawer animation speed 2I don’t see public attributes and parameters to change animation effects. Solution. Android’s SlidingDrawer component’s default behavior is to transition from the bottom and then move upwards on a user clicking the panel handle. The sample project sets up a Sliding Drawer at the bottom of the screen.

Tutorial showing you how to animate an activity to make it look like a sliding drawer coming in from off the screen. Hi, I’m using a NavigationDrawer which contains a ListView. When the user clicks on a row, the drawer closes and an animated fragmentTransaction. In Android 5.0 (Lollipop) the Navigation Drawer has a very nice animation, the drawer icon changes into a back arrow when the slider is opened and changes back to default icon when the slider is closed.


Hi i am newb at Unity scripting and i tried getting door open scripts working on a chest of drawers which has 3 drawers. I made an animation to open /close on timeline and I tried this script. Overview. One animation I see a lot, is the slide to open. Usually this is the actual layouts of a view being changed. However, if you just change the height it will just flash open.

Sliding Drawer Activity