Sliding Wardrobe Angled Doors (DIY Project Download)

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And when it comes to the sliding doors, the same applies: the door that closes to the slope will be made to match the slope. Robeplan UK provides fitted wardrobes and storage solutions for attic and dormer rooms. Whether you need an angled back on your wardrobes or need angled doors, we have a huge selection of door frames and finishes for you to choose from. These doors can be used throughout the home to suit the space you have available. The Angled Wardrobes are bespoke made and measured to suit your individual requirements.

sliding wardrobe angled doors 2Angled ceiling brackets allow you to make use of attics and loft space and install sliding wardrobe doors 2 brackets per pack Works between 30 – 90. How to measure for your sliding wardrobe doors. Due to the nature of angled wardrobe doors, we need you to take additional measurements in order for us to manufacture your doors to fit the opening. The Quintessential range uses the finest components and the latest technology to offer bespoke sliding wardrobes to suit every lifestyle. People are utilising loft space more than ever before, so angled sliding doors are an essential part of any bedroom planner s arsenal to make the most of those awkward shapes.

We only use Robedesign quality, aluminium sliding door system ( not steel ) safety back glass and mirror, three quater inch panels. Whether you want a full wardrobe or just the doors, we can provide you with everything. Unfortunately, we can only offer angled sliding doors with our aluminium systems. Remember Fredrik’s key small space storage tips: in tight or narrow spaces, consider wardrobes with sliding doors.

Space Pro Sliding Wardrobe Door Angled Ceiling Brackets. Part 4310e

Sliding Wardrobes. Sliding wardrobe doors have always been practical. Dual sided profiles allow us to provide room partition and pocket door solutions in addition to having the ability to produce angled doors ideal for loft conversions and angled ceilings. Sloping Door (Left) – Bedroom Wardrobe Door – Made to Measure Doors, Cabinets and Wardrobes for Fitted Kitchens and Bedrooms. Space Pro sliding wardrobe door angled ceiling brackets. Part 4310E in Home, Furniture & DIY, DIY Materials, Nails, Screws & Fixings eBay.

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