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SlidingDrawer deprecated. This class was deprecated in API level 17. CommonsWare, What do you recommend as an alternative? SlidingDrawer in action sliding out extra content. Inside an XML layout, SlidingDrawer must define the id of the handle and of the content:.

slidingdrawer deprecated alternative 2Styleable SlidingDrawer_animateOnClick deprecated This class is not supported anymore. Note that SlidingDrawer was deprecated in API Level 17 (a.k.a., Android 4.2). 0, and so you definitely should be considering alternative widgets at this time. Extra offset for the handle at the bottom of the SlidingDrawer.

SetOnMyLocationChangeListener is deprecated what is the best way for checking the my current location continuously?I couldn’t find any answer. Alternative way for implementing a slidingdrawer that has now been deprecated since api 17. SlidingTray is a copy of SlidingDrawer with two major changes: It lets you create the drawer programmatically instead of just via xml. Deprecated public static final int ORIENTATION_HORIZONTAL. Deprecated. You can alternate between these two by changing: (.

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String from, int to). This constructor was deprecated in API level 11. Not Responding errors. As an alternative, use LoaderManager with a CursorLoader. However, some widgets such as the Gallery are now deprecated and I think that s a really good point.

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