Small Bedroom Wardrobe Design (DIY Project Download)

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If you are looking for inspiration on how to decorate your small bedroom, check out these fantastic space-saving design and furniture ideas. Mirror is a vital tool in the armoury of anyone designing a small room. Use it to reflect light and create an illusion of space. Here mirrored Ikea ‘Pax’ wardrobes flanking the window emphasise the view on to leafy Brompton Cemetery in interior designer Beata Heuman’s flat. See all our design ideas for small rooms, including the tiny kitchen in interior designer Ann Boyd’s flat. One example: Forgo a cumbersome wardrobe for separate storage crates and hanging rails, which can be hidden behind a decorative curtain.

small bedroom wardrobe design 2See more about Closet Ideas, Small Closets and Bedroom Closets. If you’re dealing with a common small-space problem, a bedroom scarcely large enough for a bed,look no further than this list of space-saving solutions. If your apartment is lacking in closet space, wardrobes flanking the bed can go a long way towards making up for it. Small room wardrobe -ceiling to floor wall units. preferred. No loft needed.

Let us browse through our 15 Stunning Small Bedroom Designs and get ready to be amazed and inspired!. A huge window to let natural light brighten up the room and a built-in cabinet with a bed in the middle provides functionality and style in this tiny bed space. There’s overlap between the small closet design ideas and the large closet design ideas. However, larger closets give people much more room for creativity. To maximise space, consider built-in cabinets, shelves and wardrobes that hold all you need and look great too.

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small bedroom wardrobe design 3In the bedroom you need a bed, one or two bedside tables, a wardrobe and if possible, a dressing table or a small desk. It is really clever to buy space saving furniture items with a double function. In a small bedroom, sometimes you have to think outside of the closet. If a wardrobe simply won’t fit, you can get around the problem with a bed that can store a wardrobe’s worth of clothes. Clever Wardrobe Design Ideas For Out-Of-The-Box Bedrooms. We find these wardrobe designs quite enticing. Small built-in furniture. A small bedroom that looks beautiful despite its simplicity. Look at how the wardrobe is designed wherein the handle seems to create a pattern.Image Source: Architextual. JQ Ong helped turn this bedroom into a huge walk-in wardrobe. Do what Soho Design Partnership has done and display your favourite pieces with a custom shelf. Ideas on how to customise a walk-in wardrobe design for small homes and apartments. Without bulky cabinets in the master bedroom, you can also enjoy more breathing room in your main sanctuary for resting.

15 Small Bedroom Designs

Further on weve gathered a selection of small bedroom designs meant to inspire, to complete your own view on a dream bedroom. Teen bedroom designs and ideas with folding beds suitable for smaller rooms. The cots, desks, wardrobes and closets in the images provide a perfect system that gives enough storage space without taking away the floor space leaving the bedrooms as spacious as ever.