Small Closet Nursery (DIY Project Download)

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Your baby’s nursery closet is the most overlooked, underutilized place in your home. It’s also the best place to maximize a nursery closets small space. When you’re short on space, you have to get creative. Storage is an absolute must, along with furniture that can go double duty. As for your rooms, well. Before & After: Turning a Walk-In Closet Into a Nursery. My dad extended a platform in the back to act as a changing station and we added some small shelving for books and small storage.

small closet nursery 2Some parents worry that their baby’s closet is too small, but what if all you have for a nursery IS a closet? Kari has been inspired by all the small nurseries we’ve shown in the past and wanted to share her own small space baby project: her closet turned nursery. Space often comes at a high price for city dwellers, which is why many space-strapped parents are looking to an unusual spot: the closet. Every nursery needs its cute touches. Put the crib in a small closet. If you don’t have a room for a nursery you can use a corner of your bedroom.

After a few good Ikea hacks, tiny furniture, and storage baskets galore I turned my walk-in closet into a full-fledged nursery for my baby. We’re sharing some clever nursery organization ideas to help. Organized Nursery Closet with Day of the Week Drawers – Project Nursery. If you have a very small closet and you are determined to put it to good use, then here you will find 40+ crafty closet organization ideas that will benefit you greatly over the years!. Closet Organization Ideas For Your Hallway, Bedroom And Nursery!

Before & After: Closet Turned Nursery

Below are five tips for creating a perfectly organized nursery closet:. Since most baby clothes will be folded, you will only need a small area to store hanging clothes. As you may remember, our nursery closet left a lot to be desired. Yup, this tiny nook (which can’t be expanded thanks to ductwork on the left and the back of our living room fireplace on the right) was in need of a serious upgrade. My good friends did this, though their closet was quite large (it fit the crib, small dresser, and a rocking chair). The didn’t put doors on it though. They removed the doors and the door frame so that it looked more like an alcove in their room that they set up for their son. Graphic designer Tobe Reed of the Because It’s Awesome blog shares her closet organization ideas in a darling baby girl’s nursery. See how this small nursery took advantage of all angles to create a cozy space for baby. Sliding in modular storage cubes, painting the closet wall, and hanging cuter-than-cute baby clothes makes this closet too cool to hide behind a closed door. Transform a small bedroom into a nursery with help from HGTVRemodels. Although the nursery had a large existing closet, it lacked sufficient storage.

5 Tips To Organize A Nursery Closet

One of the most useful spots in a small nursery to concentrate on is the nursery closet. When you live in a small space that nursery closet becomes valuable real estate. My baby sleeps in a windowless closet. For reals. Since we moved to a bigger house this past summer, he no longer shares his bedroom with my office, but he didn t get any more space in the bargain. Check out this beautiful closet nursery by San Francisco mama Laura Hollabaugh. Koala Baby Closet Dividers Baby grows so fast that it can be hard for his or her wardrobe to keep up. Keep the closet organized with cute dividers. Desperate for DIY craft ideas to personalize baby’s nursery?