Small Dog Litter Box (DIY Project Download)

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The idea of training your small dog to use a litter box like a cat might sound a bit wacky. But like most really good ideas, it’s just north of genius. Imagine: Your last meeting of the workday runs long, but you don’t have to worry about the stinky mess your furry pal’s sure to deposit on the rug in your absence. Litter box training a dog is uncommon, but not unheard of. If you plan to get a small dog and keep it inside, you can teach it to use a dog litter box. Litter boxes are a great option for apartment dwellers, those who are unable to walk their dogs (or who worry about leaving them unattended in the yard), or simply small-dog owners who prefer this neat, convenient method. Choose a litter box that has a dip on one side to make climbing in and out easy.

small dog litter box 2Litter box training is easier for younger or smaller dogs, but it is possible with older and larger dogs. This can also be a suitable alternative when grassy areas are not nearby and your dog avoids concrete surfaces for this purpose. If you have a new puppy and won’t be able to take him out to pee and poop often enough, consider a dog litter box to help make housetraining easier. Punishing your dog for peeing or pooping outside his litter box will only scare her and make it harder for him to learn. Use a small room with the door closed or blocked off by a baby gate.

This method is most commonly used by people with very small dogs, people who are unable to get outside easily due to health issues or living in a high-rise, and people who work such long hours that their dog can t reasonably be expected to hold it and wait to go outside. Absorbent paper pellets with odor control designed especially for use in housetraining your dog (up to 35 lbs.) to use a litter pan. With a minimum amount of cleaning out the used litter with a small scoop, you have a nice clean smelling box. Rascal Dog Litter Box Homepage. The best dog litter box on the market. Economical, durable and easy to clean. Your solution to your pet’s elimination needs. Stop spending your money on expensive pee pee pads and dog litter.

Litter Box Training A Dog

small dog litter box 3Puppies that are litter boxed trained can successfully use a litter box and also go outside. This is how we train our puppies. I’ve done some research on the web and as far as litter box training for small dogs, we are the pioneers. So with that in mind. An indoor dog litter box can help transform your puppy into the perfect pet; one that has the unique combination of the loveable affection only found in man’s best friend and the independence of a cat. The size of the Mini Pee Wee makes this system only suitable for smaller breeds of dogs. It is a full size dog litter box that she is able to turn around in, etc. If elevating the litter box is an option and the cat doesn’t have any difficulty climbing or making a small jump, then that’s another option. If you have a small dog, you Consider getting a top access cat litter box to keep the dog out, and solve the problem that you’ve been having. I know how disgusting it is. How to Keep a Small Dog Out of the Cat Litterbox is Different than Large Dog Methods. The Small Porch Potty Standard has 4 square feet of grass. The stylish wicker base is easy to clean and durable. The small size is perfect for indoors or when space is limited. Manually rinse daily with a watering can to keep odors away.

Indoor Potty Training

The Porch Potty Grass Litter Box For Dogs is a great solution for owners with a patio that they can use for the potty. The Porch Potty is pretty large at 2 feet by 4 feet so it is great for dogs who like to walk around a little before relieving themselves. Only for dogs under 10 lbs. The small indoor dog potty is perfect for small dogs and fits well on any patio or balcony without taking up too much room. Our small indoor dog potty is strong, durable, and made to last. This litter box is approximately 5 sq. Lady my new Papillion puppy PEES in the Litterbox But Refuses to POO in it! Got any Tips how I can get her to do Both!! She wines & goes Poo on.