Snugabunny Swing Motor Died (DIY Project Download)

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Do you have a Fisher Price cradle swing with a dead motor? I have a snugabunny swing motor, complete top half of the swing, if anyone is interested in buying it I can post it to you:) my email is t_johannesen hotmail. How To Fix a Fisher Price Cradle n Swing Motor (should be the same on different Cradle n swing or just cradle swing, swings) Needed Parts and Tools Philips s. As luck would have it, the motor on the baby swing he modified burned out shortly after we featured his hack. Hopefully Jason will update this post on the REAL reason the motor died. I mean it’s a fisher price snugabunny cradle and swing and the inside is a bit different.

snugabunny swing motor died 2Snug a bunny swing motor going out! I just bought one last week because my other swing died, and I couldn’t wait for replacement to be sent! Yeah mine doesn’t want to swing as fast as it first did, and i swear if it shits on me i’m calling fisher price and bitching them out. I have a friend whose motor died on their snugabunny swing when her LO was around 3 months and they JUST received their new motor from Fisher Price(LO is now 7 months). A friend of mine passed along her Snugabunny swing to me. It worked great up until a few months ago it just stopped swinging like the motor died.

Soft, snuggly and oh-so-soothing Fisher-Price Snugabunny baby swing for newborn babies and infants with two swing motions and other customizable baby swing features that let you choose and combine what baby likes best! SmartSwing Technology offers s. We haven’t had any issues with the swing malfunctioning or motor dying. This Fisher-Price My Little Snug-a-Bunny Cradle Swing has deluxe, rich softgoods including micro plush. The swing was awesome, WHILE THE MOTOR LASTED. Today I put her in it and started it up and within minutes it just died. This Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle ‘N Swing has deluxe, rich softgoods including plush boa that will embrace baby in luxurious softness. We just purchased this swing after our snuggabunny motor died (it died on baby 2, it had.

Snug A Bunny Swing Motor Going Out!

snugabunny swing motor died 3Which baby swing will help your baby sleep the best? I have found that Graco customer service will send you a replacement motor (they’re surprisingly easy to swap out) for free. I had a sister who died of cot death in a car seat so to see her little neck even slightly flexed as compared with lying on a flat cot mattress makes me nervous. I did have one major problem, and that is the motor died. I understand is a very common problem with this swing but even with that, this swing is worth it. With my third child I was not thrilled to purchase a new swing as the motor went out on our first one- but, I needed a place to entertain our baby so it was a must – and I was so pleased that I did. After researching the different baby swings available and reading many, many reviews, we settled on the Fisher Price Snug a Bunny Cradle and Swing because reviews indicated it was well made. When she was about 6 months old the motor died. After talking with mommy friends you definitely want to make sure you buy a swing that plugs in!:) originally I had planned on going with the fisher price snugabunny swing because I know several people who have very good things to say about the swing and the company (a friend had the motor break down and the company sent her a new swing!) but the two in one just seemed the most practical and had many of the same things as the FP swing does. Fisher price apparently has an issue with the motor dying. Anyone else have the snug a puppy or snug a lamb snug a bunny swing?? My mom bought ours from babies r us for our shower gift and we used it maybe 20 hours total and the motor already burnt out so babies r us let us exchange it for a new one had it for a day and it squeaks like a! Our first one also squeaked. I had one of those and the motor died on us too. I would take it back and exchange it for a different one. I had this swing for the first 2 months after my son’s birth. The swing was awesome! The reason I am giving it 1 star is because the motor died in it and when I called fisher price I was refused he.

My Little Cradle Swing With Smart Swing Technology

I bought a snugabunny swing used 3 months ago and the motor just died. I checked out the Snugamonkey swing at target and it just doesn’t seem the same quality for some reason – the headrest doesn’t feel as soft and part of the legs are plastic vs metal on mine. N Swing – Soft, snuggly and Snugabunny swing actually senses babys weight so speeds wont slow Filename: fisher-price-snuggle-bunny-swing-manual. Snugabunny Swing Motor Died Christine Cooney My snugabunny swing died (I run a daycare it gets used alot) smile emoticon motor is louder than the bunny one was, not. We have the Snugabunny version and it’s fantastic. My Snugabunny died after a few months of use, dead motor.