Solutions For Small Closet Space (DIY Project Download)

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10 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Closet. From the Archives: Greatest Hits. PBdorm’s storage ottomans feature smart, stylish solutions for small spaces. Find dorm trunks, storage trunks and chests and create an organized dorm room. From stealth storage secrets to clever clothes-hanging strategies, we have solutions to all of your small-closet woes. Scroll down to see 12 tried-and-true, closet-maximizing tricks!.

solutions for small closet space 2How to make the most of your home’s smallest, most stubborn space. Use them to store accessories like small handbags, clutches, wallets, or sunglasses cases. Some of us have loads of space. Others, not so much. That’s why we offer bedroom storage solutions to suit you, your space and your ever-expanding clothes collection. When closet space is at a premium, it’s important to make every inch count. Keep your small closet organized with these storage-rich tips to make it live large. Easy, inexpensive solutions, such as hooks and hardware, create distinct places for every item.

Shop closet systems, shoe organizers, storage shelves and bins. Customize your closet, get expert advice and DIY storage solutions at The Home Depot! Upgrading your closet space can also add value to your home. For example ClosetMaid closet organization systems help you design the perfect custom closet for your specific needs. Get Inspired. Pick up tips and ideas from The Homedepot blog. Most closet spaces are poorly planned, so don’t be limited by the standard hanging bar and shelf. Look for a solution that features shelving or drawers above or below, to really maximize the vertical space. 10 easy ways to make more room for your wardrobe in a small closet. Beauty & Fashion Solutions.

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solutions for small closet space 3Discover storage solutions for small spaces from New Yorkers who developed organizing ideas to take advantage of every nook in the tiniest of spaces. Owner Janine Sarna-Jones uses a Container Store system that allows baskets of varying sizes to attach to the back of the closet door for vertical storage tucked neatly into existing closet space. Discover storage solutions for small spaces from New Yorkers who developed organizing ideas to take advantage of every nook in the tiniest of spaces. Use the inside of every closet, cabinet, and interior door of your home. Sullivan mounts magazine file boxes to the inside of kitchen cupboards to store tinfoil and plastic wrap. And finally, move those random items that have no business taking up space in your small closet to other areas of your home. Lisa said: I have small closets and one room has no closet. Space is a limited so my husband built attic space in the carport and lets me use his shed for my overflow. Closet space: There never seems to be enough of it and many homes have a serious lack of it. Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday, today I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite ideas for DIY Closet Storage! 10. Twice the Space 11.

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If you have small closets, the right storage solutions can help you make the most of your space. Keep reading for some ideas that will optimize your closet organization in Continue reading. Organize and Add Space with Creative Closet Solutions. When you’re shopping for a home or an apartment, what’s on your list? A beautiful view, a spacious kitchen, close to parks/schools? What about closets? It might not always make the top of your shopping list, but a lack of closet space will definitely be noticeable!. A Magic Fix For Even The Tiniest Closet. The solution was to organize upward and place the right clothes and accessories in the most access-friendly spot.