Speaker Stands Large Top Plate (DIY Project Download)

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I’m looking for a couple pairs of speaker stands that are roughly 10. They work very well with my Nautilus 805’s and the top plate is nearly as large as you specify. Concerning speaker stands for bookshelves, specifically Axiom M22s: Does the top plate of the stand (where the speaker sits) have to be as big or bigger than the speaker’s footprint? Is it preferrable to have it that way? Thanks. Shop Wayfair for Speaker Stands – large speakers. A solid hardwood pillar supports a 6 by 6-inch top plate with adjustable-height brass studs and neoprene pads to provide superior isolation and resonance damping for speakers.

speaker stands large top plate 2Large Surround Adjustable Height Speaker Stand (Set of 2). When looking at either the Soundstyle Z2 or Atacama Duo/Nexus, I notice that the top plate is smaller than the speaker. Is this a problem? I’m looking to find a 4 pillar pair of speaker stands with a top plate size of around 30x35cm, the most I can find are around the 20x20cm size.

I’ve got two options for speaker stands and need to know which top plate size will be better for Adam A7X’s. The A7X’s dimensions are 201 mm x 280 mm The limited options I have on the top plate of the speaker stands are: 280mm x 280mm or 145 x 180mm Bare in mind I will likely decouple the monitors and speaker stands with monitor pads. They are fairly large speakers, 19 tall, with a 9.5×11.5 footprint. Questions I have then: How big should the bases, top and bottom be for these speakers? Six to seven inches is the average size of top plates on most stands and should be fine for most speakers including yours. If you are looking to own a pair of the Award winning Atacama Moseco Series speaker stands but are finding that the standard 130mm x 170mm top plates are too small for your requirements, Atacama now offer this 160mm x 220mm Optional Top Plate pack for when larger bookshelf style speakers need to be accommodated.

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26 inches is a pretty standard speaker stand height for people with medium to large speakers and non-tiered seating though you may need slightly taller ones if your speakers are really small. From top to bottom, Sanus’ latest wood speaker stands combine fine furniture looks with ultra-rigid construction for solid support and. Large hollow column allows one to fill with sand to enhance stability. Each stand has two columns, a top plate, and a bottom plate. 2 Universal Side Clamping Top Plate Speaker Stands Black MS07B. Side Clamping Speaker Mounting Bracket with Tilt and Swivel for Large Surrounding Sound Speakers MS56B. The SANUS Basic Series BF16b is a 16-inch black speaker stand for medium-to-large bookshelf speakers up to 25 lbs. A solid, energy-absorbing MDF pillar supports a 7-inch by 7-inch top plate with neoprene speaker isolation pads for superior acoustic quality. Steel Foundations 22-inch stand for medium to large bookshelf speakers up to 35 lbs. Twin steel pillars and extra-large steel base support 8 by 8.5-inch top plate.

Which Size Speaker Stands (top Plate) For A7x’s (two Choices)

Next, find one that has a top plate that fits your speakers footprint perfectly – too small or the speaker may fall off (before you’re ready to upgrade to better ones). Sanus Steel Foundation Speaker Stands. A great speaker stand for serious audiophiles that features a heavy-gauge steel base and twin heavy-gauge steel pillars. Sanus Steel Center Speaker Stands. Dayton Audio SSMB24 24 Speaker Stand Pair Square Steel Base. The top plate features neoprene pads to keep the speakers stable and the bottom plate features adjustable spikes for leveling and isolation. Find great deals on eBay for Sanus Speaker Stands in TV Speaker Mounts and Stands. Series SF26 is a 26-inch stand for medium-to-large bookshelf speakers up to 35 lbs. Includes Triangular Isolation Pads For Top Plate To Protect Speaker Give Acoustic Isolation, Optional Floor Spikes Pads To Ensure Stability. Speakers are the soul of your system. That’s why SANUS offers feature-rich audiophile-grade speaker stands in a variety of designs and finishes that will provide the highest performance from your speakers.

Large, hollow stands can vibrate and diminish audio performance. You do not want to choose a stand that is too low, or one that does not have a large enough top plate to hold the speaker. The speaker stand you choose should have isolation pads on the top plate to form a rigid bond under the speaker, creating crisper sound with minimal vibration. Each speaker stand’s top plate measures 220mm width x 260mm depth.