Staining Wood Veneer (DIY Project Download)

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Two Methods:Oil Stain VeneerWater Stain VeneerCommunity Q&A. Since veneer is real wood, it is stained in much the same manner as a solid piece of wood, but there are differences in technique between the 2 that should be noted. A couple weekends ago we had a wood staining and painting party. There are two kinds of wood furniture, solid wood which is made entirely of one kind of wood like oak or pine, and wood veneer which is made of particle board or fiber board with a thin 1/8 thick piece of wood over the top to give it that nice wood look. Wood (in this case wood veneer) absorbs stain, so if your piece isn’t sanded evenly it won’t absorb evenly. Make sure to clean all that dust off your furniture before you paint or stain.

staining wood veneer 2If all of the oak veneer materials are stained alike, home decorating designs tie together, creating a pleasant. Use stain or wood finishing products in well-ventilated areas only. It went on incredibly smoothly since stain is very watery and the sanded veneer happily soaked it right up. Note: if your wood or veneer isn’t soaking up the stain you probably haven’t sanded it thoroughly enough, so go back and be sure to really sand through the existing poly so the wood underneath can absorb the stain. A dresser covered in thin veneer, but nevertheless with a great timeless mid-century style. So there it was my plan of attack: sand off the dresser’s finish to get down to the bare wood veneer, stain it, poly it, and enjoy! (Even though my inspiration pieces were painted white, I decided initially that I wanted to keep the whole piece natural wood if possible; as you’ll see, everything didn’t quite go as planned.

The process allows expensive or exotic woods to be used on reasonably-priced furniture. Y See more about Antique Wood, Gel Stains and Wood Veneer. Wood veneer staining and finishing tutorial. Learn veneering quickly, easily! FREE videos, tutorials, Q/A. Huge veneer selection. Since 1974. Trying to stain veneers to match your projects isn’t always a matter of matching types of wood, but how the veneer is structured and cut.

How To Stain Oak Veneer

staining wood veneer 3Adhesive beneath a plywood veneer can throw off stain penetration compared with solid wood, whether on an edge-banded shelf or a bookcase made from plywood sides and a solid-wood frame. Veneer is a thin slice of real wood that is used on fine furniture, musical instruments, and automotive dashboards. Since veneer is real wood, it will accept stains and finishes much like solid wood. If your wood veneer furniture’s old look just isn’t working anymore, consider using this method to give the veneer a new finish. To get the best out of staining your veneer, be sure to sand it carefully and thoroughly. Sanding not only affects the staining process but also the appearance. United States Wood Veneer Supplier Wood Veneer Supplier for Canada. If the veneer is in really rough shape, removing the veneer and painting or staining the wood underneath can turn your piece into a show stopper! Here’s the same writing desk after the veneer was all removed. Sanding the existing finish off the veneer is a delicate process and users must avoid damaging the veneer itself. Spread a penetrating wood stain over the sanded surface with a foam brush, applying a thick but even coating.

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ERG International is a manufacturer of custom contract, hospitality, healthcare and higher education furniture. Made in the USA. Subject: Re: Is it possible to stain a wood veneer? Answered By: knowledge_seeker-ga on 14 Jun 2002 10:01 PDT Rated: Hi there! The simple answer to your quesiton is: Yes it’s possible, but. How to stain and finish wood veneers. How to get a smooth, durable finish on wood veneers. Simplified methods show you how to stain and finish wood veneers to get a professional look every time.