Standard Bookcase Shelf Spacing (DIY Project Download)

For ease of shelf access, bookcases are generally no higher than 84 inches. Shelf spacing will generally range from 7 to 15 inches with 8 to 12 inches being common for bookshelves. Standard Dimensions of Bookcases and Shelves Standing Bookcase Height:30 – 84 Highest shelf:72 – 78 Depth:8 – 24 Width:24 – 48 Minimum shelf spacing:7 – 8 Maximum shelf spacing:13 – 15 Hanging shelves. Information on shelf and bookcase design standards. Includes ideal shelf dimensions, typical object sizes, and more. From DIY Advice. The typical height of a bookshelf is fairly easy to determine if you base the height on two things: the number of shelves it will contain and what those shelves contain.

standard bookcase shelf spacing 2With Smart Shelves and other major units you can clear space in the center of the shelving unit for a television – and use surrounding cubbies for DVDs, video games, and other electronic storage. The choice between floating shelves, standard bookcases, and major systems is probably one of the most important you’re going to make (when deciding how to shelve your library). Is there a standard dimension for space between bookshelves? 12 is a nice round number but many books seem to be between 6 and 11 in tall. The total space (after subtracting the 3/4 in for the shelf itself) is 70 inches tall. I am putting up builtins, 3 sets of 29in wide bookcases.

Consider two fixed shelves per case at standard heights around the whole room and which create ‘ideally’ proportioned rectangles with the uprights. What is your favorite height between shelves in your pantry? If you have fixed side walls 30 or less apart, you can put in side standards. Shop Wayfair for Standard Bookcases to match every style and budget. This bookcase has open shelves with ample storage space that you can use to store your precious books.

6 Useful Tips For Shelving Your Home Library

standard bookcase shelf spacing 3Custom bookcase options, including hutch, center divider, fixed shelf, doors, hardware and dimensions. Standard sizes are 12 and 16, but these can be customized. Traditional 3-Shelf Standard Bookcase; Item 2303. Need a little more shelf space than the 2932 offers? Our pine bookcase, for example, features simple construction and it’s designed to be built with basic woodworking tools. While the depth of the case is directly tied to the 1 x 10 stock, you can vary the height, width and shelf spacing to suit your needs. So we’re sharing a few of our favorite small space decorating tips with you. Swap your freestanding bookshelves for wall-mounted shelving. But the appearance of the metal brackets and standards put me off a bit too. Standard. Standard bookcases are the workhorses of shelving units. They’re typically made of wood or MDF, and designed with evenly spaced or adjustable shelves and a closed-back frame. Shop our selection of Bookcases & Shelves in the Decor Department at The Home Depot. Hampton Bay 3-Shelf Standard Bookcase in White.

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IKEA – BILLY, Bookcase, birch veneer,, Adjustable shelves; adapt space between shelves according to your needs.A simple unit can be enough storage for a limited space or the foundation for a larger storage solution if your needs change. You can build a bookshelf to fit a particular space in your home or make one that’s a standard size so that it can work in a variety of locations. Standard bookshelves come in two-, three-, four- and five-shelf varieties, but you can make as many shelves as you want for your project.