Standard Cleaning Rates Per Hour (DIY Project Download)

I would charge per hour and I think you can charge 35.00. Ask other housekeepers in your area how much they charge for cleaning services. It might be simpler to charge a basic flat or hourly fee for standard cleaning and then present clients with a printed out a la carte list of additional tasks you can do, with your fee for each. If your business owner for Cleaning you must charge the clients 25.00 per hour how are you going to pay your workers if your charging 15.

standard cleaning rates per hour 2Research shows that the average hourly cleaning rate for U.S. maid services is between 25 and 45 per hour, so keep that in mind when getting quotes. Find house cleaning cost per hour ads in our Cleaning category. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. Not your standard cleaning service! Armadale Area,. All prices quoted above are for standard size properties. The prices are subject to change depending on condition of the property and the task to be carried out.

One time/First cleaning is by the hour; this is always the Spring Cleaning Pkg) 30.00 Per labor hour and send 2-3 people, so 60-90 an hour – Including Tax. It would be very difficult for someone from another part of the US to give you a very good estimate of how much to charge per hour because the cost of living is so different. Hiring a trustworthy, reliable cleaner is one way to ensure it’s spotless.

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standard cleaning oven 3We have a private cleaner and she charges 7:50 per hour, which is very reasonable in my eyes but then again she doesnt do an overly good job, just enough to keep her hired, i’d push for 9 per hour at least saying a minimum of 3 hours. We pay our cleaning lady 9.50 an hour for 3 hours a week. SQ Ft of Home: 900, Cleanings per month: 3 regular and 1 deep clean per month. South Africa’s contract cleaning employees’ wages and conditions of employment have been adjusted with effect from 06/01/2015, following an announcement by Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant. Africa the minimum rate per hour will be R15.47 (2013/14: R14.19). 1000’s of businesses are ready to quote on your House Cleaning Services job. Excellent Prices from House Cleaning London Ltd. 7 – standard size window outside; 4 – standard size window inside; 10 – standard size window both sides. I get the cleaner for three hours once a fortnight and she makes my house sparkle so she is well worth her hourly rate!

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Could somebody please explain to me what is the real procedure and what is the standard rate per hour, I heard from various sources it’s around 35/hr, but you should quote monthly. Based on this estimation, you can charge, for example, 20 or 25 per hour. Green housecleaning pricing is based on the length of time required to clean your home. 50.00 per hour (4 hour minimum except for very small apartments), Monday-Friday. Our products meet stringent environmental standards, which is one of the biggest cost differences.