Standard Water Closet Dimensions (DIY Project Download)

Includes information on enlarged wc cubicles, standard toilet cubicles, ambulant disabled cubicles and wheelchair accessible cubicles. The following standard cubicle sizes refer to Building Regulations Part M and the Equality Act 2010 for guidance only. Standard Sizes & Dimensions For Items Inside Bathrooms: 2-1/2 feet x 5 feet is the standard bath tub size. 32 inches x 32 inches is the typical size of shower stalls. 2-foot depth is standard for actual space for clothes along a closet wall. Toilet sizes and standard toilet dimensions and measurements by width, height, depth. Toilet water consumption, cost, flash performance.

standard water closet dimensions 2With that information in mind, you can begin to place the key elements in the room — the tub, shower, toilet, and sink(s). Not sure where to begin? We’ve listed three popular bathroom designs below. The toilet is the essential feature of every bathroom. Regardless of any other fixtures you may include, it simply won’t be a bathroom without a toilet. Some homeowners find that when creating a new, small bathroom, the standard size toilet may be difficult to fit. American Standard makes comfortable toilets that are similar height as a chair, 16 to 17 inches above the floor. Right Height comfort appeals to all age groups while conforming to ADA standards and are available in all styles.

If a wall mounted water closet is used, the depth of the stall is required to be a minimum of 56 inches (1420 mm). A 17-inch to 19-inch water closet seat height is based on the assumption that a typical wheelchair seat height, with or without a cushion, would fall within that range. Both the seat of the wheelchair and the water closet must be as level as possible for ease of transfer. House room size dimensions in mm and information incorporating BCA requirements clearly explained. A toilet or WC (water closet) is referred to in the BCA as a sanitary compartment in Part Although these are the minimum dimensions I would use, I would recommend making rooms bigger if possible so they don’t feel cramped.

Fig. 30 Toilet Stalls

High quality upflushing sewage systems and macerating grinder toilets that can allow you to put a bathroom in your basement or out buildings quickly and easily. To choose the right toilet for the bathroom you want to consider a few different factors including size, shape and flushing types. With their concealed tanks and minimal footprints, wall-hung toilets offer some distinct advantages over standard toilets.

Fig. 30 Toilet Stalls