Standard Wooden Pallet Height (DIY Project Download)

Standard pallet sizes. Pallets are portable platforms used to package items for freight shipping. In the United States, the standard wood pallet is 48 inches wide, 40 inches deep and 6.4 inches tall. Common international sizes for standard wood pallets are 39.4 by 47.2 inches in Europe and Asia and 44.9 by 44.9 inches in Australia. The 42 by 42-inch and 43. In North America, the standard pallet size is 40 x 48 (W X L). Factors affecting pallet dimension standardization. As such, the National Wood Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) classifies pallets depending on common entry types which refers to how many directions they can be entered by forklifts and pallet trucks.

pallet dimensions in feet 2We supply and purchase the following UK standard sized reconditioned wooden pallets. Note: As these products are reconditioned the heights, weights and capacities are approximate. Standard size of a US wood pallet (aka skid): – Length 48 (1.2m) – Width 40 (1.0m) – Height 6 (0.15m) We build pallets to a height range of 50 to 90. Wooden pallet has more elastic range. Standard Height (H) of the pallet are 4.5inches.

Generally, pallet sizes are inches. This standard pallet weight can vary from 35 to 40lbs, depending on the thickness of the wood. For example a 48 x 40 4way pallet with 5/8 wood weights roughly 40lbs and a pallet with in boards would be 35lbs.

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