Staples In Hardwood Floor Remove (DIY Project Download)

Please HELP! I am pulling up old carpet and would like to polish the 100 year old boards. The underlay is stapled in about 1000+ places. Does anyone have some unconventional ideas for removing carpet staples from a wood floor? I’m planning on refinishing the hardwood floor in two. Removing staples from hard wood flooring. – posted in Do It Yourself: I have a large amount of Brazillian cherry hardwood that was pulled up from a flood caused by a clogged toilet.

staples in hardwood floor remove 2And we would NEVER remove hardwood floors without them. Do you realize how many nails and staples are used to install hardwood floors? As I rip out carpet to put down nice resilient Allure flooring, it takes so much time to pull those dang little buggers I wonder if there’s a better way? My method now consists of pulling them out using a set of flat nosed pliers and a mini-pry bar for scraping off the ones that sit higher up. In the meantime, I keep having dreams of flogging the guy who used that staple gun like has was Rambo on these hardwood floors! Xxx Pulling carpet staples (by K-Indy IN ).: Apr 12, 2013 1:29 PMMessage: Don’t know what it’s called but the long handled scraper thing that is used for removing roofing will take up about 50 -75. Well actually I spent most of today pulling up staples from the above mentioned padding. After today, I’ve been racking my brain to find a better way to pull up all the staples to prep for Hardwood. If my intention is to redo a wooden floor with a sander, I try my best to remove all the pieces of the staples.

I just ripped out my carpet and padding in my dining room and putting in engineered hardwood, lock and fold Bruce. i found that there’s staples everywhere and have been using a mini pry bar but this. A scraper will cut them off even with the floor. After removing carpeting, it’s a common sight to find many leftover staples stuck in the subfloor. If you’re removing carpet, lots of floor staples will come up with the carpet as you remove it. I just discovered hardwood floors in the home I purchased. They’re in good shape except for the previous owners stapled padding to the floor. What is the safest way for me to remove the staples without causing damage to the floor?

Home Improvement: How To Remove Hardwood Floors

Removing Carpet From Hardwood Floors – How to and DIY Tips. Some of the staples will come out with the pad but most will remain in the floor with a small piece of the pad still attached. Should the padding be glued to the existing wood floors, the use of mineral spirits to soften the adhesive will work. A creative method of removing staples I picked up on a job not long ago is using a notched trowel. I just removed the carpet from my stairs and have spent hours removing about 8 million staples from the wooden stairs. When we pulled up the carpets in our house several years back, it was very difficult to get all of those stubborn staples out of the floor. Removing Old Carpet, Hardwood and Baseboard Moldings. Staples in sub floors that are going to be covered with new wood flooring that are found to be broken off and cannot be pulled will have to be driven flat with a hammer. Like. Learn more at How to remove carpet tacks and staples from hardwood floors – Everything you need to know about installing hardwood flooring. Interlocking engineered flooring can be installed below, on or above grade, over wood, concrete, or over existing floors and installed by interlocking, no glue, staples, or nails required. Before you begin preparations, remove any furniture and appliances from the room.

Is There An Easy Way To Remove Staples In Subfloor From Carpet Padding?

The problem is that the staples and nails in the hundred year old white oak floor got wet several time over the years. Whether it is water or urine I don t know, but there are a lot and it will be really unsightly if not addressed. I know that some of my competitors only use staples or only cleats. How to remove staples used to secure carpet underpad to wood flooring. One of the most tedious jobs in the whole business of rehabs / contracting is pulling staples out of hardwood floors. I like lineman pliers for this.