Storm Door Lock Installation (DIY Project Download)

There comes a time when installing a storm door lock becomes a very pressing concern. Complete instructions for installing a storm door in your home. Drill the holes for your doorknob and lock, line up the knob and lock, and insert them into the holes (Image 2), beginning with the exterior pieces. Always check your door lock’s dimensions before drilling and securing screws. Also, pay attention to the various tools required to install a Whitco screen door lock so you have everything you need.

storm door lock installation 2Papaiz locks are designed to be compatible with many different storm and security doors and existing lock holes that fit other brands of locks. Your Papaiz lockset will replace most other brands of locks. The skills and tools needed to install a storm door are well within the average homeowner’s capability, so see Step 1 below to get started. Keeping the door closed, drill a pilot hole in the top of the latch-side z-bar and secure with a screw. Install the deadbolt lock about 44 inches above the bottom of the door. You’ll have to adjust the position a bit if you have a combination storm door so as not to interfere with the storm doorknob or lock.

Most door manufacturers sell prehung doors in kits. The kits include all the hardware you need to install the door, such as hinges, pneumatic closers and latches. Valley Lock & Door provides storm door installation and repair for residential customers. Search Results For storm-door-lock: storm-door-lock, Universal Knob Latches 300356, Door Lock Installation Kit, Door Lock Installation Kit, Sport Combination Barrel Lock, Door/Drawer Keyed Different Utility Locks 3861318375.

Papaiz Lock Installation Instructions

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