Straight Wooden Clothes Hangers (DIY Project Download)

The shape of a hanger has more to do with function than aesthetics. Hangers that have straight arms are meant to hold dress and casual shirts hanging straight for crisp, wrinkle free storage. Since they are a little wider than wire or plastic hangers, wood hangers actually serve to keep clothes from hanging too close to each other. That extra space allows air circulation and less rubbing together, preserving your clothes longer, and keeping them fresher. For shirts and other tops these Honey-Can-Do Wood Hangers with Non-Slip Grooved Bar seem like an attractive option. Also, these hangers don’t have a triangle shape but a poorly designed square type shape, so all the shirts shoulders are up high and straight and look aweful.

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Perfect for the retail environment and sold to retailers throughout the UK and equally suited to the home the wooden clamp hanger is ideal if you require a hanger for garments such as Trousers. It has a red felt within the hanger to protect your clothes. Keep your kids’ rooms organized and their clothes off the floor with this fun and trendy Wood Pallet Children’s Clothes Hanger. Latest China HS Code & tariff for straight head wooden clothes hanger – Tariff & duty, regulations & restrictions, landed cost calculator, customs data for straight head wooden clothes hanger in ETCN.

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Wooden Clamp Coat Hanger 30cm (box Of 100)