Stripping Teak Table (DIY Project Download)

A great deal of MCM furniture was constructed of teak, walnut or rosewood and those pieces are my first love. Friday I stripped the dining room table I shared here. Hi All – I just inherited a Danish teak dining table that needs some attention. To clarify jasco is a chem stripper and will remove the murghy’s also. Q: We have a teak mid-century Danish modern dining table.

stripping teak table 2At one point we switched over to a teak protector that Smith & Hawken offered. While it seemed to work well at first, I feel like it’s slowly stripped some of that great teak character from the wood. You can remove old paint and return your teak furniture to its former beauty by using a bit of elbow grease:. A chemical paint stripper is the quickest way to remove those offensive layers of paint. I’ve just bought an old McIntosh teak veneer dining table which i’m attempting to restore. I’ve restored and stripped plenty of pieces of furniture before.

Repair: I bought a Vejle Mobelfabrik teak veneer dining table off of Craigslist. If that doesn’t fix the problem it is uneven stripping or sanding. The table is about 35 years old and I stripped it down using a chemical furniture stripper. The stain has become dull and blotchy, almost like as if the tung n teak oil is stripping off the wood stain. You can strip the finish from teak wood as easily as you strip the finish from any other type of wood. Read more about stripping wood furniture and other wood items.

Bringing Teak Outdoor Furniture Back From The Brink

Hi, I just purchased a used Danish-style indoor teak dining table. I recently purchased a mid century modern teak dining table with leaves. Over time, teak indoor furniture can become old and tired, and it will become necessary to restore it to its previous usefulness. To alter the appearance, you can either refinish it by stripping it back and oiling it or refurbish the wood using a finisher designed to work with old polish and lacquer. It is used in a variety of different applications, from flooring to furniture. The next step involves applying a chemical stripper to the surface of the teak. Outdoor teak furniture is a stylish choice your patio or deck. Rubbing the teak furniture with sandpaper or a chemical stripper. This does a good job of stripping the outer layers to reveal the brown of the teak. Anyway I will be restoring all the teak on the boat and would like to know of a good stripper for varnish. Here’s what the pros I used to work with do: go to commercial laundry and by a bag of rags – usually torn-up linen table cloths used by restaurants and fancy caterers.

Refinishing Teak Veneer Table Top

Guildford Doorstripping offer a complete range of furniture stripping, restoration and repainting services for both interior and garden furniture. All wooden and teak garden chairs, tables and loungers can be stripped of varnishes and moss to leave them looking like new! Please call us for a quote on 01923 777031. The first step in refinishing teak furniture is to remove the existing finish. In some cases, all that will be needed is a simple finish stripper. These products are usually are a liquid or gel, and are applied using a clean rag directly onto the wood. Considering refinishing the Danish mid-century teak table my former roommate left behind. How to refinish furniture without stripping, some really great tips here! At home in a client’s sunny dining room, this teak table was bombarded by UV rays, clouding the polyurethane coating and turning its rich golden brown to a dull milky tone. To remedy this we stripped the table entirely, then coated the bare wood with a custom-tinted marine tung oil finish, simultaneously providing a high degree of UV resistance and restoring the teak’s natural beauty.

Teak furniture is consistently one of the most expensive types of wooden furniture on the market, due to its durability, beauty, and the length of time it can take before trees are mature enough for harvesting. Once the finish has been stripped, the next step is to sand the wood, either by hand withsandpaper or an electric palm sander. And one of the ways I made extra money was finishing and stripping the new and old teak furniture. One thing you have to understand about teak is the oil in teak will eventually push off any film building finish (and for that matter any finish, in fact if you read the labels of many marine finishes the don’t recommend putting their products on teak).