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Hickory is one of the hardest domestic wood species and is highly popular because of its natural color variation and unusual graining. Coloring for Hickory Hardwood flooring can range from creamy whites to medium browns (with even darker browns in some rustic grades). Having seen changes in the wood flooring business over the years, I never realized how many people were ill-advised of how to actually go about buying wood floors. Phone calls and emails tell the story with hardness being very near the top of the list. With far too much emphasis on having the hardest floor on the planet, red oak floors have been around for generations. You want your hardwood floor to look good for a long time. Your first instinct might be to simply choose the hardest wood possible to ensure its long-time sturdiness and durability. However, buying a hard, solid wood floor may not necessarily reduce the need for extra special caring over the years.

strongest wood flooring 2As we noted in a post a couple of years ago, bamboo floors are not really as hard as a lot of manufacturers claimed, and that the hardness varied with colour- the darker the bamboo, the softer it was. A lot has changed since then in the. Here are three things to consider when selecting wood flooring for your home. Brazilian ebony is among the hardest. Hickory is somewhere in the middle, but harder than both white and red oak. Even with the new stronger finishes, a dog’s nails can scratch wood flooring. The best prevention is to keep nails trimmed. Scratches can be repaired with a touch-up kit. If damage is extensive, you can lightly sand and apply a new varnish coat.

Solid hardwood is often better quality and most engineered hardwood floors have a limited number of sandings. It’s always good to have an insurance plan, and you will have stronger peace of mind with solid, since you can refinish solid hardwood floors if you get deep scratches or if you get pet stains. In this guide Home Flooring Pros explain some of the pros and cons of choosing a hard or soft solid wood floor. In this flooring guide we are going to look at the relative hardness of different species of wood, the hardest wood flooring and why wood hardness might influence the type of wood you choose for your floor. Please give suggestions on which brands or types of wood flooring resist scratching and other damage the best? Even it is not the hardest wood out there, it hides the scratches the better than many other harder wood.

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Home Flooring Pros brings you another great post to help you find the best durable flooring options for your house. Today we focus on wood floor durability. We give you the details on cost, installation, wood varieties and more to help you pick the right hardwood flooring. The Janka hardness test measures the resistance of a sample of wood to denting and wear. It measures the force required to embed an 11.28 mm (.444 in) steel ball into wood to half the ball’s diameter. This method leaves an indentation. A common use of Janka hardness ratings is to determine whether a species is suitable for use as flooring. The World’s Top 125 Known Softest/Hardest Woods. Are you one of those pet owners who would love to have a hardwood floor but worried if they can stand up well to dog claws? Well, the good news is that your dog and a hardwood floor can easily co-exist with each other, provided you take a few simple measures to care for them. A comprehensive directory of the different species of hardwood used to make hardwood floors. HGTV Remodels’ Floor Guide gives you expert tips and photos on hardwood flooring for your home renovation. Hardness. For busy households with pets and kids, it’s a good idea to choose the hardest wood species possible. Hard species, such as red oak, will withstand wear and tear, while softer species, such as pine, tend to show scratches.

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Many other brands compete, and DIY stores deal in own-brand products, too, but these two appear to have the widest number of stockists and strongest market position. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which type of timber flooring will best suit your needs in terms of cost, appearance and wear. Timber can set the mood of a room from the ground up (literally!) and while it’s easy to succumb to trends, it’s better to make a decision with your own furnishings and lifestyle in mind. One of the most common claims about bamboo flooring is that it is actually harder than hardwood floors. It is actually rated at 1180 p.s.i. However, some tests put bamboo higher up in the Janka Hardness Test, making it appear stronger than it actually is. My gut tells me that the flooring under the carpet won’t be hardwood, so that’s why I am pondering options to budget for now. I can say bar none the hardest wearing flooring in my house id my handscraped hardwood floors.