Styling Open Shelves (DIY Project Download)

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Design editor Christine Hanlon shares her tips and tricks for styling the perfect shelf. Open shelving filled with a wealth of lovingly collected books and artifacts is a classic feature for the well-designed home and is a key trend for interiors right now, says design editor Christine Hanlon. Sloppy, haphazard open shelves? Not a chance when you follow these dos and don’ts for arranging items. Explore Debbie Young’s board Bookcase/Shelf styling ideas on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas See more about Open Shelving, Bookcases and Open Shelves.

styling open shelves 2Kitchen Shelves, Open Shelves In Kitchen, Subway Tile, Kitchen Ideas, Cottage Style Kitchen, White Kitchens. Here’s how to get your kitchen dishware display on point. There was nowhere to put open shelving in our last kitchen, unless we wanted to rip out some of the cabinets we installed just a few years ago. How do you organize and style open shelving then so that it remains a design beauty?

The best shelves store everything you need within reach, but make it look like art on a wall. Phoebe shares the secrets behind her curated and compelling arrangements. Learn the Formula for Decorating Open Shelves. Decorating expert Phoebe Howard shares the secrets behind her curated and compelling arrangements.


styling open shelves 3Open kitchen shelves: How to stage open shelves in the kitchen so they look great all the time! I love an eclectic mix of pieces on my shelves, but a safe styling tip is to group like items together. For an organized look, group plates, bowls and cups on own shelf, organize baking supplies in attractive containers on another. There are two kind of people: ones that believe that open shelves are practical additions to standard kitchen cabinetry and others that think that they aren’t practical at all. We think that open shelves aren’t only practical but also looks great on any kitchen. We all know that open shelving in the kitchen is a major trend right now. It’s a lovely blend of crisp-yet-comfortable style, and a great way to set your own kitchen and decorating personality apart from the masses. If you’ve made the switch to open shelves in your kitchen, or if you’re considering doing so, you might be wondering how to go about filling those shelves stylishly. If you’ve got open shelving in the kitchen, this is the guide for you! Get inspiration and sources for styling the perfect shelves for your personality. Although there are no hard and fast rules for styling shelves, there are some helpful guidelines to follow. Today, I’ll try and demystify shelf styling so that you can create shelves at home that are both functional and eye pleasing. Do you struggle to make your open shelving look attractive yet functional? Any tips to add? Open Kitchen Shelving: This look has so many advantages, we can’t seem to find a reason not to give it a try. Here are our tips on how to style your open shelving.

Our Art Director’s Best Advice For Styling Open Shelves

Today we are chatting about styling open shelves in your kitchen. But firstdo me a favor and throw out the word styling and replace it with using or utilizing. That’s rightUSE the items you put on your shelves! Open Shelving Kitchens are very in right now and the great thing about the look is..anyone can do it! So many different ways and styles. Anyone can do it! So many different ways and styles. There’s a real mix of feelings when it comes to open kitchen shelves. On one hand, you’ll have the people who absolutely love them and on the other, you’ll have the people who take one look and think of having to keep them perfectly styled all the time and fear that they’ll have to wash dust and grease off their plates every time they want to use them. One solution is to put your collections on display with open shelves. Open shelving is a simple and easy way to give your room a chic and eclectic feel while surrounding yourself with the things that tell your story. It takes some styling, but curated collections give a layered, sophisticated feel to your space while letting guests see your pieces through your eyes.