Suspended Timber Floor Construction Details (DIY Project Download)

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These floor joists are raised above the subfloor on small supporting walls called tassel walls (or sleeper walls). Video of Suspended Timber Floor Detail DrawingThis video shows the most effective approach for drafting the detail drawing of a suspended timber floor. There are 2 types of floor construction used in construction today; these can be classed as either Suspended or Solid. Suspended timber floors are normally made up of timber joists suspended from bearing walls, which are then covered with either floor boards or high quality sheets of tongue and groove. Depending on ground conditions, these types of walls will require more support walls in your foundations and a closer eye on the details. The first major consideration is what type of floor you will build. The cost implications are thus: you can have a standard timber suspended floor for around 30/m, or you can have an improved floor for something like 50- 60/m.

suspended timber floor construction details 2Full Range of Accessories DuPont has a full range of top quality tapes and accessories to help you achieve optimal airtightness. Click here for details:. The suspended timber floor construction as a section will include the concrete floor, sleeper walls, floor joints, wall plates etc. The identification of the components and their functions will enable you to have a good idea of the floor. Arguably the most sustainable way of constructing a domestic upper floor is by using timber or engineered timber as the structural support with a timber based decking surface. The most traditional way of constructing suspended timber floors is with solid timber joists.

B.there is a ventilated air space between the ground covering and the timber; Details on the various floor constructions used with our underfloor heating systems, including height/build-up, pipe, insulation and screed details. Underfloor heating pipes installed in a suspended timber joist floor.

Suspended Timber Floor Construction

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Suspended Timber Ground Floors (moisture From The Ground)