Sweetest Swing In Baseball Monologue (DIY Project Download)

Selected monologues from The Sweetest Swing in Baseball including video examples, context and character information. His monologue about artists who quit is the highlight of a show that is studded with nice moments. Ultimately, this production of The Sweetest Swing in Baseball mirrors the playing career of Darryl Strawberry himself: While both are very good, we can’t help but wonder how great they might have been. His monologue about artists who quit is the highlight of a show that is studded with nice moments.

sweetest swing in baseball monologue 2The Sweetest Swing in Baseball by Rebecca Gilman; Directed by Audrey Francis; Open Call, Seeking Males 25 40 & Females 35 50, open ethnicity. Prepared monologue and cold reading heard. Most fictional characters in mental institutions struggle to get out, but when Dana Fielding, the artist-protagonist of The Sweetest Swing in Baseball, arrives in one after a suicide attempt, she settles right in. That’s like a moment of hope to me. When everything’s new. Waiting to run out there and start the game. Dana was the toas.

Joseph Parks as a recovering alcoholic friend of Dana’s is compassionate and genuine, and Michael Ray Wisely as Gary, a psychotic stalker, has a fantastic monologue about a world full of jealous wannabes who feed like vampires on the success of others. Please select ONE monologue to memorize and perform the day of the audition- All monologues are in the same file- select the most appropriate one for your acting style Vocal selections are below- Please note Snoopy and Charlie Brown songs are on two separate files, but it is just one song. It’s been a steady decline, says Dana, Gilman’s self-execrating painter, in an early monologue.

The Sweetest Swing In Baseball Auditions

Dana in The Sweetest Swing in Baseball, and Barbara and others in Wonder of the World. The Eight Reindeer Monologues (Dancer), Brewed (Babette), Psycho Beach Party (Bettina Barnes), A Dream Play (Indra’s Daughter/Agnes), The Diary of Anne Frank (Margot Frank), The American Plan (Olivia Shaw), Godspell (Gilmer/Ensemble), and The Beebo Brinker Chronicles (Marcie/Nina/Lili). This site may harm your computer. monologue baseball qui quoi. En 2004, c’est au Royal Court Theater qu’elle joue dans The Sweetest Swing in Baseball.

Modern Art Meets Baseball In ‘sweetest Swing’