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The Sweetest Swing in Baseball plot summary, character breakdowns, context and analysis, and performance video clips. Though she is a native of Alabama, the Chicago theatre community claims playwright Rebecca Gilman as one of their own. Three of her plays received their world premieres at Chicago’s Goodman before going to productions at prestigious venues that included the Manhattan Theatre Club, Lincoln Center Theatre and London’s Royal Court Theatre. THE SWEETEST SWING IN BASEBALL. This play did well enough in London with Gillian Andersen in the lead, but has run into criticism on this side of the pond in San Francisco and in Chicago where it’s about to close.

sweetest swing in baseball play 2The Sweetest Swing in Baseball has 40 ratings and 3 reviews. This is a character driven story about a painter who has a breakdown (her agent and the arts world are pretty vicious), gets checked into a psyche ward, makes friends and wants to stay there so she convinces everyone she thinks she’s Darryl Strawberry, the baseball player. The Sweetest Swing in Baseball. Rebecca Gilman previous plays for the Royal Court are BOY GETS GIRL, SPINNING INTO BUTTER and THE GLORY OF LIVING winner of the 1999 George Devine and Evening Standard Awards for Most Promising Playwright. But in Rebecca Gilman’snew play, as a neurasthenic painter – a woman who wants to recreate herself – she is fluent, witty, expressive.

The Sweetest Swing in Baseball, a clever, serio-comic play, explores the pitfalls of celebrity, self-expectations, and mental illness by introducing the audience to talented artist Dana Fielding whose latest exhibit has been panned by art critics. The Sweetest Swing in Baseball may be a star vehicle but American playwright Rebecca Gilman’s densely woven play, receiving its world premiere in London, is also far more. But the play is about baseball, after allor art or the convergence of the two. The Sweetest Swing in Baseball is clever, comic and witty.

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Some of the best moments in Rebecca Gilman’s play occur when Dana interacts with her fellow residents, becoming Alice in an institutional Wonderland to Gary’s caustic Mad Hatter and Michael’s sleepy Dormouse. Still, The Sweetest Swing in Baseball is a hit: a witty, entertaining evening of theater, with just a tinge of bitterness and rage to load the bases. The play tosses out idea after idea: what it means to be a celebrity, the role of criticism in art, the way our health-care system works (or doesn’t), the line between creativity as fun and creativity as joyless work. Ultimately, this production of The Sweetest Swing in Baseball mirrors the playing career of Darryl Strawberry himself: While both are very good, we can’t help but wonder how great they might have been. The Sweetest Swing in Baseball, Dana was the toast of the art world – a hot property. After her latest exhibition bombs, she is admi. The Sweetest Swing The Sweetest Swing in Baseball by Rebecca Gilman Directed by Liesl Lafferty Beaumont Theatre (316 West 5th) Evolving Arts Collective Nov 29 till Dec 20th, 2008 www. So I was excited and curious to see this production of one of her newer plays The first nice surprise was on entering the Beaumont Theatre. The crew from MLB Central compile their list of the sweetest swings in baseball today.

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As she finds comfort and stability in the day-to-day routine of being a patient, she begins to take on the role of famed baseball player Darryl Strawberry in an attempt to convince her doctors of her insanity. Listen to The Sweetest Swing in Baseball – London 2004. A play in which Gillian performed in at the Royal Court Theatre from (25 March – 15 May 2004). Where that play centred on an imaginary star player who was a fruit, The Sweetest Swing in Baseball, Rebecca Gilman’s new play at the Royal Court, invokes a real-life player called Darryl Strawberry. Sweetest Swing in Baseball explores the darker side of family and fulfillment during Family Weekend. The play follows the story of Dana Fielding, a talented but struggling artist whose lack of success drives her to attempt suicide.

Although the seasonal timing is perfect for a play about baseball, Rebecca Gilman’s The Sweetest Swing in Baseball has little to do with America’s favorite sport.