Swing Dance Clothes (DIY Project Download)

How to choose 1940s or 1950s style swing dance clothing that is comfortable to dance in. Dresses, skirts, shorts, and shoes. What swing dance clothing for men will keep you cool and stylish? Wide leg pants, cotton shirts, vests and swing dance shoes are a good start. The homepage of SwingGear.co.uk is the best place to start searching for your perfect pair of swing dance shoes, clothing or Beginners Jive DVDs.

swing dance clothes 2Find great deals on eBay for Swing Dance in Elegant Dresses for Women. Shop with confidence. Many early adopters saw swing dancing as something of a sport and wore shorts and T-shirts accordingly. But by the 90s and the American neo-swing craze, dancers were taking their appearance seriously and flamboyant zoot suits were popular. The Swing Dance Company is delighted to add a brand new ladies dance clothing range to its online store www.swinggear.co.uk. The range offers finest authentic 1940’s and 1950’s British fashion, designed for swing dancers with no compromise on quality.

You love swing dancing and everything that goes with it. You recognize that clothing is part of the whole package of awesome but you’re not sure where to start. International swing dance instructor, prolific writer of the Swungover blog, and regularly the most dapper man in the room Bobby White has written a book titled Practice Swing, which launched today and is available for purchase online! Practice Swing is accompanied by this sage description: Since every great swing dancer has followed their own path to greatness, this book gives dancers as many choices as possible to find their own way, including in-depth explorations of skill-building, what makes exceptional dancers exceptional, and the variety of ways dance skills can be honed in studios, groups, or on the social dance floor. People who knit clothing are magical unicorns in my book, it looks like so much could go wrong, but here was this darling multi-colored knit sweater that I could see instantly enhancing my summer wardrobe. Swing dancing is pretty casual. Usually, it is uncommon for people to go really dressy.

Swing Dance: Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Who better to ask about men’s swing dance clothing than the biggest enthusiast and best best man around; Deano Beano Cappucino himself, Mr. Vintage clothing info page for the Hepcats Swing Dance Club, Lexington, Kentucky. The fundamentals of what a hep kitten wears. Women’s intro to fashion related to swing dancers and musicians. Find great deals on eBay for Swing Dance Dress in Elegant Dresses for Women. Shop with confidence.

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