Swing Dance Demo (DIY Project Download)

New photos are being shared via TSDS Photos on Facebook. Check out the latest pics from TSDS swing dances! 2013-10-12 TSDS Tranky Doo Demonstration. 2013-08-03 TSDS Swing Jazz DJ’s. How about the Jive or Jitterbug? These are all dances that originated during the swing era of the 20’s through 50’s in Harlem. Come join us for a demonstration and lesson to get your feet tapping and bodies moving to music from yesteryear. This video is mostly about Benji Schwimmer and the past dancing. Jordon and Parker are also present in a funny video they all are in- 1988, 2007 & 2008.

swing dance demo 2Sugar Swing can liven up your wedding reception with explosive performances, ice-breaking lessons, and hosted songs to involve the crowd. Follow up the banquet or speeches with a swing dance demonstration, a half-hour lesson, and 3-4 hosted songs. Recall the Lindy Hop, the Shag, Balboa and the Jitterbug? Join us for a swing dance demo and a brief beginner’s lesson. Dancin’ Time, DJ and Dance Entertainment – Dance Lessons and Instruction, West Coast Swing Sugar Puch Connection Video.

Demo Reel of Ben Rich & Shannon Chirone performing at a variety of shows throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. In this class you’ll learn the fundamentals of this fun, athletic and high-energy dance, introducing footwork, lead-and-follow technique and Swing’s signature style. Swing Dynamite’s teachers are Canadian and international swing dance champions, with years of teaching experience. And the swing dancing demonstration in the lobby during intermission was a great idea.


Swingtime demos 5 air steps in 3 minutes! Handstand (pancake) flip, Moon flip, Banana Split, The Fly, Frankie Flip. Community Center of Mendocino will present Hooked on Swing, a delight-filled jitterbug extravaganza on Friday, February 15 featuring The Swing Doctors and members of Mendocino Swing Dance Society. We provide weekly swing dance classes, events and live music nights, dance parties; choreography, private lessons, demos and performances; glamorous Swing Balls and more!.

Ben Rich & Shannon Chirone Swing Dance-demo Reel On Vimeo