Swing Dance Music List (DIY Project Download)

With its infectious rhythm and bopping beat, you’ll soon be bopping around to the grooves of Swing dancing. In this Swing song list, we’ve included many different genres and types of Swing songs because we believe that any music selection should complement your dance! We also have some suggestions for practice songs and some faster swing dance songs if you’re feeling daring! Enjoy!. We’ve invited some of America’s top Swing deejays to list the hottest songs being played at Swing dance events throughout the country so we can take the Music Pulse of America. The 10 best swing dance songs are easy to listen to and perfect for rocking out on the dance floor. The original nominee for the best swing dance list was first recorded in 1936 by Louis Prima and his New Orleans Gang.

swing dance music list 2See our list of the best swing songs. Swing dances include west coast swing, east coast swing, shag, jitterbug, shim sham, jive and the linty hop. Rob & Dawn Shrewsbury, Orlando swing dance instructors. From Yehoodi discussion board, sometime in 2002: Lo-Fi Lee (NYC Swing promotor/DJ): After going through everyone’s suggestions on yehoodi and also emailed me from my last poll, I have come up with a sort of top 50 swing dance requests. In no way is this list definitive, nor does it include each and every suggestion.

Good news West Coast Swing dance music fans, Winter of 2015 has given us some really great gems for dancing. The best part of this playlist is that many of the songs are exactly the carbon copy WCS songs we hear recycled over and over which is GREAT!. Here are 10 Songs that every new swing dancer should strive to learn how to dance to.. or at least this is the list that I wish I had had when I started dancing. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for All-Time Greatest Swing Era Songs – Various Artists on AllMusic – 2010.

Best Swing Songs For Weddings

The good folks at Uptown Swing in Minneapolis put together a Spotify playlist of some good jazz music for dancing. It starts out slow and gets faster as you go. Sh-boomThe Crew Cuts Golden Decade – Music Of My Life, Vol 13. 2:450:30. 8. Many new dancers ask me for music suggestions to build their swing music collection. Below I am listing the songs and artists that either I like to dance to or that are very popular. Influenced more by jump blues, rockabilly and even ska music than traditional big band swing, retro swing developed on the West Coast where it thrived..see more. The ultimate swinging vintage Christmas music playlist for all your holiday parties. Perfect music for Lindy Hop, Balboa, Shag, and Rockabilly swing! Yule Be Swinging This Top List of Dance Music. by Tam Francis. Below are around 700 songs which are great for dancing West Coast Swing.

Music For Swing Dancing

Reason enough to compile a list of great Christmas Swing & winter Swing tunes in different styles and tempos, perfect for dancers. Reason enough to compile a list of great swinging Christmas and winter tunes in different styles and tempos, perfect for dancing.