Swing Dance Music Video (DIY Project Download)

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These great Swing dancing songs will be perfect for any occasion with any style or genre of music! Brought to you by Shawn Trautman’s How to Dance Videos. In it she intersperses an undersized Savage and 70s-themed dancing girls with darker, more contemporary hip hop imagery. Swing Dance Music Video – Carsie Blanton’s Baby Can Dance (youtube.com). 2011 is calling, and they want their overplayed song back.

swing dance music video 2Filmclips of the greatest Lindy Hoppers of all time dancing to the original Big Band Music. Remember these dances were invented in the 20’s. A different time swing dancing lindy hopping. Music. Streetswings Modern or Contemporary type West Coast Swing Music Lists WITH Free Preview and legal Music MP3 download. You can listen to the songs or buy.

Street and Swing Dancers took on an amazing battle in Montreal, where the dancers mixed and mashed their dancing skills together to songs from Michael Jackson to Kendrick Lamar, to songs of the swing variety. Davis says Perry requested they dance the Charleston in the video and he took their measurements.

Compilations And Documentaries With Swing Dance And Music

Video: This Swing Dance Battle Is The Best Thing Ever