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Proof positive that the modern swing and real jazz music of today doesn’t all suck. This swing bands list ranks the best swing music artists by votes. This list of top swing bands and musicians let’s you see who swing fans think are the best swing music groups. Michael Bubl Adult contemporary music, Lounge music, Pop music. Streetswings Modern or Contemporary type West Coast Swing Music Lists WITH Free Preview and legal Music MP3 download.

swing music artists modern 2More about me, these reviews, and how to submit CDs. Links – Other sources of Swing CD reviews and swing music info. Key modern artists: Bill Elliott, Eddie Reed. Recommended albums:. I’ve recently got into the genre and was wondering if there were any good artists out there apart from Parov. Also if there were any good songs. In the 1936 book Swing That Music, Armstrong discussed his personal experiences in jazz, as well as the evolution of jazz and the transition from jazz to swing. Goodman thus indirectly inspired the genesis of post-Swing modern jazz, a style he did not favor.

Modern musical vestiges in new Swing are pervasive, most notably in instrumental setup. The album, a mix of Western swing, rollicking country tunes and a touch of rockabilly, features the guitar work of the uber-talented TK Smith, who was a member of Big Sandy and the Fly Rite Trio in the early Nineties. Swing jazz music is a style that originates from America and reached its top popularity in the 1930s and 1940s.

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From Rod Stewart to Robbie Williams, and now Lady Gaga and Annie Lennox, pop stars keep hopping on the jazz bandwagon but just can’t ride the rhythm. Although white jazz musicians had been taking inspiration from African American artists for at least three decades, by the 1940s a new generation of white musicians and dancers were deeply invested in the music that Duke Ellington christened Swing with his 1932 hit record, It Don t Mean a Thing If It Ain t Got That Swing. Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra – Los Angeles big band with fifteen musicians and Lucky Stars vocal quartet. Mora’s Modern Rhythmists – Ten-piece ensemble playing classic jazz and swing from the 20s and early 30s. Listen to Swing music on Pandora. Discover new music you’ll love, listen to free personalized Swing radio. Sample of Artists on this Station. Airmen Of Note. Swing music is created using classic instruments such as the guitar, piano, drums and horns to just name a few. Hot Sugar Band (Modern). Swing music mixed with house production, it’s what would happen to the Charleston was sped up with a remixed all-nighter in the studio and Peggy Lee sampled in the background.

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