Swing Music List Modern (DIY Project Download)

Many of these West Coast Swing dance songs are of the R&B, Jazz, Top 40, Pop, Rap, Funk, Soul, Rock and Roll, Euro and Techno variety. Each Westie song is excellent music to dance West Coast Swing depending on musical tastes. Print out these hot song picks from America’s Favorite Swing Deejays! We’ve invited some of America’s top Swing deejays to list the hottest songs being played at Swing dance events throughout the country so we can take the Music Pulse of America. I think the best way to learn which patterns these are are to listen to the contemporary songs that have become modern west coast swing classics.

swing music list modern 2Here are a couple classic West Coast Swing songs: Sam Cooke Movin and Groovin Johnny Guitar Watson Gangster of Love Lowell Fulson Push Me Mo Rodgers Black Coffee and Cigarettes R Kelly Step In the Name of Love (This song runs long so you ll probably want to fade it out around 5:00) Jaheim Just In Case. Everything Else includes sections that specialize in West Coast Swing Songs from the 80 s and a list of danceable music from the 90 s (These are both a lot of fun to put together). Please let me know of any good songs / artists that you know of!

Swing music guide by Austin DJ Lawrence Page – Excellent reviews and swing CD essentials. ATOMIC online reviews – Reviews of modern swing bands Lindyinthepark. Commonly Played Swing Songs – As posted by Nathan Malone on Yehoodi in 2001. Below are around 700 songs which are great for dancing West Coast Swing. Below are most of the songs that we perform and they are mix of classic jazz and swing, the Great American Songbook and also a few more contemporary tunes that we know work well in our set list – they include:.

Ron’s Swing Cd Recommendations

Edit: Building a playlist with both Traditional and Modern stuff, so any sorts of recommendations would be amazing, just couldn’t find anything like Caravan Palace!. So, most swing music comes in the same format, called 32 bar blues (1 bar 4 beats). Bethlehem Blue Note BYG Actuel Cobblestone Contemporary CTI ECM ESP-Disk Flying Dutchman Freedom Groove Merchant Impulse! If you’re anything like me, chances are you started streaming the soundtrack to the remake of The Great Gatsby the minute it hit NPR’s First Listen and probably well before that moment with samples courtesy of Soundcloud and Tumblr. A list of great East Coast Swing Songs. Find your favourite dance music on promotedancing.com. Click here for a danceable 60 minutes playlist of Swing Music. Hot Sugar Band (Modern). Swing music comes in many different tempos. With SwingStep, you ll learn the techniques to comfortably dance to any tempo of swing music.

Ron’s Swing Cd Recommendations