Swing Set Chain Spacing (DIY Project Download)

Most of our products are designed exclusively for attaching to swing sets. Hanging swings from trees can be very dangerous and should always be approached with extreme caution. We’re not engineers or professional swing set builders! Also, there was a problem with the chain on one of the swings, so Dave picked up some hooks so it would fit better. I finally built a swing set from scratch. It looks like about 18-20: for each swing, one chain to the other for the same swing AND about the same distance between two swings 2) When googling for this answer tonight, almost everywhere I looked, the swingset kits had a 4 x 6 horizontal cross bar, instead of a 4 x 4.

swing set chain spacing 2Place a tape measure at the top bar of the swing set where the chain or rope of one swing is located. Measure over 8 inches to locate the proper spacing for the next swing. Playground owners are cautioned to place swing sets along the perimeter of a playground away from other equipment to minimize children from going into the path of a moving swing. Tire swings require a use zone that is equal to the length of the chains suspending the tire plus 6′. You will need to specify colors for the End Frame Fittings, Chains, and Swing Seats. For residential sets see spacing dimensions on Page 4 of the Outdoor Home Playground Safety Handbook.

Things to consider when buying a wooden swing set for your children. How are the swings fastened to the hangers, rope or chain? Rope is an attractive option for swings, but it is not ideal because it can fray over time and snap. Spacing is the biggest thing to check on with the manufacturer. This will include the space between swings, as well as the open spacing between wooden parts and climbing options. Residential – Hardware Hot dipped galvanized playground chain. A-Frame Bracket For Swing Beam Powder coated Green Steel (extra-heavy duty) 65 degree angle 44. To attach hanger first determine spacing by consulting either Figure 23, Table 7 for commercial swings, or for residential sets see spacing dimensions for ASTM 1148 diagram Mark wood beam with correct spacing, then place hanger on bottom of wood beam and mark holes with pencil. You will need to use S-hooks or H-shackles from the chain to the swing hangers.

How To Space Swings On A Swing Set

swing set chain spacing 3Backyard Discovery Tucson Cedar Wooden Swing Set 4. 10ft Tall Steel Metal Commercial Grade Swing Set with 1 Bay and 2 Swings. Building a Swing Set – In our segment Scott Cam built a swing set for toddlers for around 200. 5m clear area behind and in front of the swing, measured from the extended length of the swing chain. The crossbeam allows for two swings spaced at least 600mm apart and at least 400mm from each supporting post. For purchased play sets, tires are now mounted horizontally instead of vertically, and that presents an entirely set of its own challenges. Step 16: Swing Attachment with Hanging Chain. The holes don’t have to be perfectly spaced, but it’ll drain better if the holes are more evenly spaced. Hanging A Wooden Porch Swing – How To Make A Swing. A SWING ON A PORCH OR INSTALL IT OUTDOORS UNDER A TREE,SET IT IN THE GARDEN, BACKYARD, LAWN OR PATIO. Install two SWING LAG SCREW HOOKS or BOLTS spaced at the width of the swing to hold chains. A safety system for restraining a child in a conventional swing set comprising a belt for secure placement around the upper torso of a child, with safety snap hooks attached to the belt for securely engaging the vertical support elements of the swing set. Further, such D-rings are fixed at such a spacing as to prevent fastening the belt at a diameter smaller than a child’s head to prevent entrapment about the neck or head. The safety snap hooks are constructed in shape and size so they can be hooked into chain links of the vertical support elements of the swing set or fastened over the outside of chain links so as not to be movable to an adjacent chain link unless intentionally manually disengaged.

Things To Consider When Buying A Swing Set