Swing Set Mulch (DIY Project Download)

Best Materials to Put Under your Swing Set. What to Put Under Swing Sets in the Yard. Wood chips or other mulch can be one option for the ground cover underneath your wooden swing set. I came across recycled rubber mulch and I thought perfect! We had our landscaper install our swingset – he is certified by the state to install public playgrounds so he knew alot about the height requirements, etc. Eastern Jungle Gym offers outstanding rubber mulch in five long-lasting colors. Order our rubber borders and rubber mats together with your rubber mulch, or with a swing set, and receive a special package price discount!.

swing set mulch 2Wood mulch has to be special wood chips made for playgrounds or you’ll get splinters galore. When we installed our swing set, we ripped out all the grass and placed mulch under and around it. Many of my friends just have grass under their swing set, but I was hoping the mulch would reduce the amount of weed whacking dh would have to do. And with the rubber playground mulch, it’s expensive, but also I’m worried that it will leave off color on the kids clothes, shoes, etc.

Swingset fall zones can usually be installed in one day or it can be added on to an existing playset. Kiddy mulch is specifically designed for playset fall zones. Inspect protective surfacing especially mulch, and maintain the proper depth. If any of the following conditions are noted, they should be removed, corrected or repaired immediately to prevent injuries:. Here’s my question: What do you suggest to put under the swingset? I’ve looked at the rubber mulch, but it’s quite pricey. As I said, the set is quite large.

Wood Under New Swingset?

I have nothing but dirt and grass under mine. And the other swing set is set in my play yard that is filled with pea stones. i would rather do mulch, its way cheaper. I have rubber mulch under my swing set. I love it. I wish I could afford to do the whole play area with it. I have my swing set kinda in the middle (rubber mulch under it) and I have cedar mulch around the outside of it where I have my play house and sand box and picnic table. We decided to spread rubber mulch under the swing set since a friend hooked us up with about 35 garbage bags full of the stuff for FREE. Yep, I said free. We have just installed a wooden swing set and would like to dig out an area around it and add something (mulch, pea gravel, playground mulch, etc. We use mulch for our playgrounds. We would love to put it under our play set for our grandchildren! A final consideration is the placement of each piece, so, for example, if a kid comes off a slide, he or she isn’t too close to a kid on a swing set; or if kids jump off the swing set, they can’t land on a landscape timber that bounds the area. Use the calculator below to determine how much rubber mulch you need for the area you have. We recommend a depth of 2" or more for playground surfaces to meet ASTM safety guidelines. Swing Set Accessories Ride Ons.

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Our NEW borders are perfect for both your lanscaping and playground needs. Neetly contain your rubber mulch with these convenient borders. Pick and chose to create your own customized yard with easy and efficiency!. One of my regular clients called last year to ask about getting mulch for the area beneath his newly constructed swing set. We went through all the calculations for the amount of playground mulch he would need, multiplying depth times width times length. We recommend using Rubber Mulch Playset Surface under your Rainbow Play Systems playset. One of the most important things you can do to reduce the likelihood of injuries is to install a shock-absorbing protective playground surface under and around your play set and swing set equipment.