Swing Set Removal (DIY Project Download)

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Junk My Trash Provides Swing set Removal & Play Set Removal services. We have unmatched service and strive to attain 100 customer satisfaction. Years ago, a swing set was nothing more than a support frame with two or more swings dangling from metal chains. Over the past several years, that has changed and now, it’s normal to install a big backyard swing set, complete with a slide, playhouse, sand box, monkey bars, and more play delights. While your swing set may provide many years of entertainment, a time will come when you need to take it down.

swing set removal 2Advance Junk Removal removes swing sets all the time in our line of business. We use special tools to dismantle and get the job done. A couple days ago we dismantled and hauled off a large swing set and this is how we did it:. We have an old metal swingset that is no longer used and needs to be removed from our back yard. I have a swing set that is set into the ground with cement. I don’t thing there is a lot of cement in each post. Especially when you have six of these to remove. 1) Drill a hole through the tube low and close to the concrete.

Our junk removal team went out to the Summerlin area of Las Vegas today to look at a swing set that the home owner wanted to take out of his backyard. Norfolk. Virginia. Norfolk Hot Tub Shed Removal Deck Fence Swim Pool Play Swing Set Sign Safe Jacuzzi Removal Norfolk. Old swingset needs to be dismantled and disposed off – removed from property. Yard work like planting and weeding. Truck needed to haul off swingset.

How To Remove A Swing Set

Removal of old swingset and disposal. Requires a truck. Yard work includes planting and weeding. Job Type. Yardwork (Exterior). Schedule. Swing set removal. I searched, but didn’t find this, so here goes. (Apologies if I missed it.) Does anyone have a recent recommendation for somebody to dismantle and haul away a wooden swing set? Does anyone know who to avoid like the plague? THANKS!. Commercial and Residential Junk Removal Service for Chicago and Chicago Suburbs. Elementary schools in Richland, Wash., are removing their swing sets as a way to keep liabilities from playground injuries to a minimum. Two Washington school districts are removing swing sets from their school playgrounds in the wake of the tragic death of a 7-year-old girl at Fisher’s Landing Elementary School in Vancouver last week. You can actually have your swing set hauled away by one of our removal experts and get it off your hands.

Swing Set Removal In Summerlin

Swing Set Installation and Removal in IL can be a time consuming and stressful. Eliminate the hassle and have one installed by our experienced professionals. HUNTINGTON — Swing sets on elementary school playgrounds in Cabell County will soon become a thing of the past. Cabell County Schools officials have decided to remove the traditional playground toys because of increasing safety standards and exposure to insurance claims and lawsuits stemming from swing set injuries. Homeowner’s association threatens jail if swing set not removed. (The letters said) that if we didn’t remove the swing set from the subdivision in a couple of weeks, we go to jail, Stout said. The Swingset Pros – Cedarview Swingset and Gorilla playset installer NJ, PA, and DE. Since we install them, we can also safely and efficiently take down the used swing set and remove them from your yard.