T Distribution Table (DIY Project Download)

T Distribution Calculator: Online Statistical Table. The t distribution calculator makes it easy to compute cumulative probabilities, based on t statistics; or to compute t statistics, based on cumulative probabilities. To learn more about Student’s t distribution, go to Stat Trek’s tutorial on the t distribution. The Shape of the Student’s t distribution is determined by the degrees of freedom. As shown in the animation above, its shape changes as the degrees of freedom increases. State the difference between the shape of the t distribution and the normal distribution.

t distribution table 2As a statistical tool, a t-table lists critical values for two-tailed tests. You then use these values to determine confidence values. The following t-table shows degrees. The table values are critical values of the t distribution. The column header probabilities are the t distribution probabilities to the left of the critical value. Table of Critical Values, t,, in a Student T-Distribution with degrees of freedom and a confidence limit p where 1p. Student T-Distribution Table Diagram.

Click the link below to view the t-distribution table in Adobe PDF format. To view this file, Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader application is required. It can be downloaded from Adobe’s Website.

Statistical T-distribution The

T-distribution Table