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In response to the many requests from the artillery, infantry and armor communities, electronic tabular firing tables (TFTs) are now, available online. The U.S. These tables and equipment include the tabular firing tables, graphical firing tables, and graphical site tables. The tabular firing tables are the basic source of firing data. TFT is defined as Tabular Firing Tables somewhat frequently.

tabular firing tables online 2The Firing Tables and Ballistics Division (FTaB) has completed populating the artillery and mortar electronic tabular firing table (ETFT) AKO Web sites and has created a site for the small arms ETFTs. In addition to supervising the emplacement, laying, and firing of the mortar, he supervises all other squad activities. EBSCOhost serves thousands of libraries with premium essays, articles and other content including FTAB UPDATES FIRING TABLES ONLINE. Mortar Electronic Tabular Firing Tables Website -. Find out information about firing table. A table or chart giving data needed for firing a gun accurately on a target under standard conditions, and also the corrections that must be made for. FTaB updates firing tables online.

This paper proposes to model the firing tables by a family of functions which can be utilized by microcomputers. I did clear fires for the New Jersey when it was firing VW Beetles into the DMZ – cleared out every piece of NVA artillery north of the DMZ in about two weeks. There are extensive tables of firing data corrections which are applied to correct for non-standard conditions such as the presence of a variable atmosphere, rotating round planet, etc. Fun for me – haven’t cracked open a Tabular Firing Table in many years.

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tabular firing tables online 3Conventional ballistic tabular firing table data for the particular caliber projectile and weapon system combination will be used to determine maximum range when firing ICM projectiles. M444 Standard 105-mm firing tables for M1 M449 Standard 155-mm firing tables for M107 w/FT-155-ADD-I-2 M483 Firing tables FT 155-AN-2 w/C-1 M509 Firing tables FT 8-T-1 w/C-1 (2) The impact area should be relatively flat and free from heavy vegetation. Course Hero wants to make online learning free and awesome. These are from AM2 tabular firing tables for the HE, M107 family of projectiles For FDC and other 08xx and 13x series the reason I used near obsolete tables was they were the only ones I had sitting on my desk. DOAJ is an online directory that indexes and provides access to quality open access, peer-reviewed journals. This paper deals with the issue of preparation of the aiming angles with the use of tabular firing tables and needed determination of the ballistic elements B (ballistic wind wB, wxB, wZB, ballistic (virtual) temperature B, ballistic density B) from the standardized met messages. Mortar shells come with Abbreviated Firing Tables (called Whiz-Wheels ) but their use is not preferred except for firing in direct lay. Instead a much more accurate big book of tables called the Tabular Firing Tables is used for most fires. Rheinmetall, the current manufacturer, had videos online a while back that illustrated it in use. Use of ballistics tables or ballistics software based on the Mayevski/Siacci method and G1 drag model, introduced in 1881, are the most common method used to work with external ballistics. The author claims that results show excellent agreement with six degree of freedom numerical calculations for modern tank ammunition and available published firing tables for center-fired rifle ammunition having a wide variety of shapes and sizes. A Microsoft Excel application has been authored that uses least squares fits of wind tunnel acquired tabular drag coefficients. JBM’s small-arms ballistics calculators Online trajectory calculators – Supports the G1, G2, G5, G6, G7 (for some projectiles experimentally measured G7 ballistic coefficients), G8, GI, GL and for some projectiles doppler radar-test derived (Cd) drag models. Without fail, I see folks with their new rifle at the range firing a shot, spinning the dials randomly, then repeating the process. That’s why there’s tabular/graphic firing tables and fire control computers. Buy and Sell Guns Online at

Modelling The Firing Tables Of Field Artillery (cannon 105 Mm Howitzer)

Article by Kathleen M. Doyle, Editor, ADA Online and photo by Brandi M. Normal Terrain Tabular Firing Tables for the 122-MM Howitzer Model-30 (D-30). When using decision tables, the spreadsheet searches for the RuleTable keyword to indicate the start of a rule table (both the starting row and column). Rule Templates use tabular data source as a source of rule data and populate a template to generate many rules. If omitted, no firing order is imposed.