Tank Crossing Box (DIY Project Download)

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Tank Crossing Wood Box Mod by Cigreen. Reduced price! Love the tank crossing box only thing I see bad is magnets need to be stronger but great little box. Cigreen produces one of the best box mods on the market with the Tank Crossing Box Mod. Made from laminated maple wood and engraved with a tank, serial number, and official Cigreen logo the Tank Crossing Box Mod is sure to meet all of your vaping standards!. Tank Crossing Mechanical Box Mod. Vapour Eyes. Vapoureyes no longer intends to stock this product as it has been replaced by newer, superior products. 1.

tank crossing box 2Review of cigreen Tank Crossing Box Mod by quite possibly the most well rounded civilized gentleman I’ve ever seen. Enjoy. (youtu.be). Cigreen Tank Crossing Wood Box Mod. Our version of this popular unregulated box is just plain wood, no logos on front or back. This gives it a much cleaner look and a good canvas for your own engravings or decorations. So quite a few of us are now the (not so)proud owners of cigreen tank crossing box mods, some of the lucky ones have ones that are in perfect working order, whereas some of us are having, well, proble.

The Tank Crossing wood box mod is a powerful mechanical device that powered by 2 x 18650 batteries. The beautifully finished wood adds a stylish look as well as performance. Hi all, I’m due to return my newly purchased Tank Crossing mod back to the vendor today for a refund but I have a problem with it that is just baffling me and need to know the answer to! I received it on the Saturday just gone put freshly purchased fully charged batteries into the mod and attempted to fire it, nothing happened. What could be the cause of my none firing box mod? Do you like simple? Do you like good looks? Do you like tons of power and battery life? Look no further, the Tank Crossing is here. This wooden box mod is designed for beauty and power.

Review Of Cigreen Tank Crossing Box Mod By Quite Possibly The Most Well Rounded Civilized Gentleman I’ve Ever Seen. Enjoy

What is your guys’ opinion on the Tank Crossing box mod? I recently found a website that is selling the Tank Crossing box mod plus a choice of atomizer for 75 at VapeDemand. There exist good mechanical box mods (Tank Crossing box for example) that properly implement a fully mechanical switch. This one however appears to be using the same kind of switch as you’ll find on the Kamry K600 – a standard pushbutton switch almost guaranteed to be rated for no more than 3-6A DC. How is it not a Mechanical box mod all it has is battery contacts two bits of wire and a mechanical contact switch and no electronics so it to me it is a mechanical box works the same as a mec mod. Two 3.7 batteries can be included., Jenks, OK, 75. Electronics in Jenks, OK. Yiloong wood mod cigreen tank crossing wood box mod style FOG BOX products of Ungrouped offered by Jiangmen Yiloong Industrial Co., Ltd. in China.

Tank Crossing Mechanical Box Mod